The sensitive and coordinated design in three concrete examples

3-2-1. Three projects, two dimensions, one solution. Three concrete examples of how the design of the environments can be rational and at the same time sensitive, that is attentive to all the senses with which we perceive and live the space around us. A well-developed environment design considers all dimensions and tries to coordinate the various elements to create functional harmony in everyday life.

Skema has made living well-being, and therefore the sensitive design of the environments, one of its objectives, and for this it has a solution for every context. Because all the spaces can aspire to achieve beauty and to express their own identity through technical improvement.
To demonstrate this, we have taken into consideration as example three very different environments, a law firm in Barcelona, a multi-functional veterinary clinic and a chemical company working for the construction industry, whose common denominator is the use of the coordinated Vertical system, with the purpose of improving the technical performance of the spaces and highlight the character of each one.

Elegance and privacy for the law firm

Among the sunny hills that frame Barcelona, ​​the Lawants Italian law firm specialized in corporate law and international tax has focused its activity on helping Italian companies that want to work in Spain, the United States and South America. A dynamic reality, with clear ideas about its future objectives. A reality that had clear ideas even about furnishing the new offices. Light, quietness and elegance were the key features and so, next to a light floor with a large format like K-Uno XL in Rovere California is placed the realization of white sound absorbing walls in Akustika for the meeting rooms.
The light shades harmonize with the modern and functional furnishings as well as with the external landscape, K-Uno XL laminate allows to have a resistant and practical floor where elegance is not missing. This is combined with the project of sound correction, after all the meeting room of a law firm must be a reserved and reassuring place, and  Akustika white panels proved to be the optimal solution for this.

The super multifunctional veterinary hospital

Just a few days before the official inauguration of the new, futuristic site in Veggiano, in the province of Padua, of San Marco Veterinary Clinic. A multi-functional place that is a veterinary hospital, with examination rooms, surgical rooms, a big physiotherapy center, a dialysis center and even a swimming pool. The clinic, which is also a laboratory for analysis, has been seat for over 30 years of advanced training and for this reason a multimedia center and meeting rooms have been built. 

And it is here that, chosen by Garbo Group construction company that has built the new clinic, Skema gives its contribution because Fonika and Akustika in Cement Gray have been used on the walls and ceilings of the meeting rooms. A professional, well-finished look, in line with the modern style of the whole building, subordinated to the great functionality of these panels, designed to correct the sound transmission and, therefore, allow all partecipants to listen and carefully follow the speeches of the speakers.

Chemistry at the service of constructions

Facot Chimicals is an established industry in the chemical industry, specialized in the creation of products for the construction industry based in Capralba in the province of Crema.

For this company, which is devoted to research and development, the word change is on the agenda and when it was time to renew and expand the spaces of its headquarters, it opted for a coordinated architectural project that involved all the environments: hall, offices, showrooms, meeting rooms and even the exterior.

Skema's solutions, installed by Lele Parquet company, involved all the dimensions, from floors to walls, to the outdoor. The tones of gray as the predominant color and aesthetic point of union between the various materials used and the technical performance as a sine qua non of the whole project. For this reason floors are *Nadura Polvere, to exploit all the resistance of the wood powder against scratches and impacts, the walls are covered with Fonika and Tekna to manage the sound transmission in the rooms and avoid reverberation, the outdoor is made with Outside Marina Classic Terra di Siena, Skema WPC decking that resists to weathering.

A choral vision is needed to design

As these accomplishments demonstrate, designing today means considering different aspects that must be coordinated and respond harmoniously to multiple functions. Aesthetics, especially in public places, is a fundamental factor that serves to express identity, but also the function of the environments must always be emphasized and enhanced. It is essential, when planning, to rely on a range of technical materials, each one fitting a specific need but always coordinated with each other, like a real system.

* ATTENTION: from 2019 Lindura and Nadura change their names to Lumbertech and Evertech respectively. 

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