The great Chinese family of Skema.

From the annual meetings in China with Family Floor we come back with a priceless thing: trust.

If last year we participated at the event with the main purpose of introducing our company's philosophy and products, this year the aim was to consolidate the relationship of trust between Skema and one of the largest distributors of surfaces in China.

Being an exporter in the exporting country par excellence is not so obvious, we need to offer more than quality products, we need to offer a clear company vision and to present a philosophy of original style and identity.

Solutions and not simple products

Skema presented itself at the event as a protagonist in China in the high-end segment of surface coverings. This is achieved by carefully listening to the needs of the Chinese market, sometimes even by anticipating its needs.

Our market-oriented and not product-oriented approach means that, even for Family Floor, we are able to provide answers, design solutions that can fill the gaps of a large market with specific aesthetical and technological proposals.

The culture of design as a strength

We are talking about surfaces and not floors because even also in China our goal is to propose 3-dimensional covering systems (floors, walls and ceilings). An offer that is becoming more and more extensive and that was presented during the meeting, with particular emphasis on the 2018 news.

Among the various proposals, the Mash-Up, Vision Syncro Oxid and Vision Syncro Parquet surfaces have been much appreciated, with their patterns that create movement and personalization.

Little examples of that design culture that Skema has become an ambassador of, a flag of the Italian background permeated with history, creativity and aesthetic sense applied to everyday life and the simplification of everyday life. values that are recognized and appreciated all over the world.

Beyond the product, there is trust. Built on serious proposals, on solutions that amaze for their intuitions in satisfying a market that every day is more and more curious and eager of beauty and solidity.