The 2017 narrated by Skema

Before everyone returns active to 100% and ready to face the 2018 at full speed, in these last remnants of festivities, we take a moment to greet the year just past retracing our 2017 through the many projects that we have talked you about.

Events, anniversaries, products, projects and many realizations have been the protagonists of 2017, among style advices, suggestions to make the living environments more comfortable and on a human scale and many examples of applications of Skema products, the themes which remained close to our hearts were definitely the beauty, wellness, sustainability and nature.

The 25 years of Skema

2017 was a year of celebration for us, a milestone that is a starting point towards new challenges and new goals. We have remaded the look on the web and presented the new company Profile I'm 100% Skema.


Wellbeing as a design choice

A theme about which we will continue to talk in 2018 is the wellbeing of living spaces. An aspect that involves all the senses and should be underlined but which is still marginal in the design spaces. A vision that instead Skema has in heart and for which has studied solutions for improving the sound correction, thermal and acoustic insulation and the ergonomics of the environment.


The beauty of Nature

The true beauty is natural, which means that it is made of imperfections, exceptions and uniqueness. But to achieve the true beauty of Nature are needed the right technology and a strong know-how.

White colored Furniture Salon

This year our presence at Salone del Mobile has been more than the supply of the surfaces of the exhibition spaces, we have been active partners of Fuori Salone promoted by Oikos and we have brought the white-well-being into the city of Milan.


The big trip with Skema products inside and outside the national borders

Finally we retrace with you some of the many realities that have chosen Skema products to cover their environments. Restaurants, pubs, houses, museums, shops, showrooms, what transpires from this quick summary is that Skema has always the right answer for every project.