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Have you ever strolled around the streets of the city center at nightfall and your gaze was attracted by the light coming from some apartment? And asked yourself: who knows who lives there? What about the furniture inside?
Maybe a facade of the seventeenth century hides an ultra-modern apartment equipped with the most advanced home automation systems, while the neighbor wants to respect the dictates of the original style with antique furniture and antique finishes.
What is sure is that everyone has his own style and every building hides many lives behind the facade and as many ways of conceiving the space where to live.
This is demonstrated by the many Skema houses around the world. Not just different styles, but also many different surfaces used, because every house has its own rules and needs.

In Gdansk the Nordic style with the accent on color

We have been saying it for years, the laminate floor boasts great versatility, with its practicality and its many variations can be easily installed in shops, public spaces and also in private homes.
The demonstration is this apartment of 45sqm in the center of Gdansk, designed by the interior design studio Flow Interiors Franiak&Caturowa, with the collaboration of our partners in Poland, the company Bel-Pol
A game of colors and volumes, where the narrow spaces have been cleverly managed with dividers, chromatic changes and a floor that takes advantage of the elegance of the classic herringbone pattern and replicates it in all the rooms in order to visually enlarge the space. The floor in question is Skema laminate Vision Syncro Parquet Ungherese rovere naturale and immortalized in these photos from the photographer Magdalena Łojewska.

The young and creative spirit of Biella

Two examples that come from the province of Biella confirm that the laminate floor in its many aesthetic declinations fits perfectly into the modern homes of Italians, always maintaining that warm touch that gives the sense of family while playing with shapes and colors to express the most creative side.
Both are projects created by Crea Laboratorio d'Interni, in the first residence the floor is in K-Uno XL Rovere Indiana, a large format that decorates the living area with light tones and the hallway walls decorated with floral motifs. 
In the second house the whole surface was covered with a laminate floor Skema Mash Up Canadian Oak, which makes movement its virtue, alternating wider and narrower planks.


Timeless parquet speaks French

Opera 19 Manon  is the absolute protagonist parquet in the private residence of Lyon realized by Sarl Alta who has chosen this rustic oxidized oak, brushed and varnished to cover the entire surface. A floor that can be appreciated in all its beauty, with well evident knots in a succession of planks almost two meters long and 19cm wide. A classic of Skema wooden flooring collection, a must for wood lovers in its purity that, as we now know, is a bridge between the styles fitting perfectly with classic and modern contexts.


Innovative loft in shapes and materials

The purity of white is modeled in shapes that follow and transform each other along the perimeter of this loft between the roofs of a small village immersed in the green of Parma province.
100 square meters where nothing has been left to chance, highlighting the design skills of Giemmecontract Design Lab focusing on the scenic effect typical of the modern essential style.
"Small but good", must have been the leitmotiv of this realization where each element has been selected to have a leading role in the general picture.

Choosing *Lindura Nebbia floor is in line with the concept, a floor that combines the naturalness of wood with modern design and high construction technology.

Desire for light in the alleys of Genoa

In the dining room the natural light enters generously in this apartment in Genoa. What architect Maria Chiara Trubini has created, with the collaboration of the DUEDI company of Petulicchio Daniel & C, is a space where all the elements have been chosen to enhance the light, creating a fresh and young atmosphere.
The neutral colors contribute to the general feeling of brightness, also respected in the choice of the floor, laminate Skema Facile+ Rovere Sunny. Everything is harmonized and the various functions included in this unique environment are integrated and in total continuity, distinguishing one from the other for small but significant details that create the right detachment, such as the same arrangement of the furniture or the choice of the artificial lights that divide the kitchen space from the living area.


If you have created a private residence using Skema surfaces, share with us the most significant images, write to us sales@skema.eu

* ATTENTION: from 2019 Lindura and Nadura change their names to Lumbertech and Evertech respectively. 

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