Salone del Mobile 2018 where you can meet Skema

As tradition, Skema will be present in Milan from 17 to 22 April 2018 at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile through the surfaces Lindura, Nadura, Living, Sintesy, Oximoro and Outside, chosen for their stands by major furnitre brands that participate to  the design week as exhibitors.

If you already have tickets in hand and are planning your visit to the world's most important design exhibitionwe leave you a list of the most representative stands where you can meet and see Skema products with your own eyes. Our list, with all the brands that have chosen us for the exhibition spaces, will be constantly updated until the opening day of the 2018 design week.

The event in the event

For visitors who will be among the pavilions of Fiera Milano Rho on Thursday 19th, we have organized a meeting of great interest for all professionals who deal with interior design and planning. From 2.00 pm to 3.00 pm at Arrital stand (Hall 09 - Stand D09-E12), architect Franco Driusso will be with us for a moment of reflection on the interdisciplinary aspects of design inside the living spaces.

Now you just have to consult the list and trace your personal journey among the news of Salone that this year includes also EuroCucina / FTK and Salone Internazionale del Bagno.

One more tool: on the official website of the event you will find the interactive map and its printable version.

Angelo Cappellini & C. K-Uno Rovere Moro, Oximoro Opera Ungherese Ervel HALL 02 - STAND D23 D27
Arvestyle  Vision/Facile+ HALL 02 - STAND F43
S.C.S. & CO. srl Vision Syncro Oxid Raven/Fog HALL 02 - STAND G41
Zuliani Mobili snc Vision Syncro Oxid Raven/Fog HALL 02 - STAND H41
Vaccari Cav Giovanni srl Vision/Facile+ HALL 02 - STAND H44
Stile Elisa srl Vision/Facile+ HALL 02 - STAND M27
Pinotti Roberto Vision/Facile+ HALL 02 - STAND P34 
Seguso Gianni K-Uno Rovere Moro HALL 02- STAND B26
Minotti Collezioni srl *Nadura Nero Radis HALL 03 - STAND L32
Covre Giulio Vision Syncro Oxid Authentic Grigio Beton HALL 03 - STAND M24
Giorgiocasa di Mozzo Nadura Corten HALL 04 - STAND C05
Asnaghi Interiors Vision Syncro Parquet, Vision Syncro Tiles HALL 04 - STAND D21 E14
Italexport Vision/Facile+ HALL 04 - STAND L02
Poliform spa *Lindura Live HALL 05 - STAND A09 A11 B02 B10
Fiam Italia srl Lindura Persian Oak HALL 05 - STAND B11
Acerbis International srl Vision Syncro Oxid Matt Fog  HALL 05 - STAND D07 
Ritzwell & co Make Up Rovere Superior HALL 05 - STAND D14
Giorgetti spa Nadura Nero Radis HALL 05 - STAND G07 H10
Baxter srl Outside Marina Classic Cemento, Oximoro Opera 19 Grezzo HALL 05 - STAND H07 H11 L06 L10
Riva Industria Mobili spa Vision Syncro Oxid Authentic Cemento Spatolato HALL 06 - STAND A23 B20
Pacini & Cappellini Nadura Nero Radis HALL 06 - STAND C31
Unopiù spa Vision Syncro Oxid Matt Cool Gray e Warm Gray HALL 06 - STAND D40 D42
Casa International Vision Syncro Multiwood HALL 06 - STAND F60
Cierre Imbottiti srl Nadura Nero Radis HALL 07 - STAND F25
Eurostile srl Vision Syncro Oxid Authentic Grigio Beton HALL 08 - STAND A41
Pezzani srl Vision Syncro Oxid Raven/Fog HALL 08 - STAND D43
Nature Design srl Nadura Polvere HALL 08 - STAND E51
Arketipo srl Vision Syncro Oxid Real Raven  HALL 10 - STAND A11 B12 
Cattelan Italia Prestige L Dakota Oak HALL 10 - STAND A15 B18
Noorstad aps Vision Syncro Oxid Authentic Cemento Spatolato  HALL 10 - STAND B03 
Désirée Nadura Nero Radis HALL 10 - STAND C23 D20
Alf Italia   Vision Syncro Oxid Warm Gray HALL 12 - STAND A15 B22
Infiniti Design Facile+ Quercia Antica, White Craquelè e Rovere Luna  HALL 12 - STAND C03 D06
Calia Italia  Facile+ Sand Canyon HALL 14 - STAND A43 C46
Camelgroup srl Make Up Grey Oak HALL 14 - STAND B18
Max Divani Vision Syncro Oxid Real Cool Gray HALL 14 - STAND B41 C42
Zanotta spa Nadura Bistro HALL 16 - STAND A23 B16
Horm.it Vision Syncro Oxid Cool Gray HALL 16 - STAND B37
Dienne Salotti srl Vision Syncro Multiwood  HALL 18 - STAND A15
AB Italia srls Vision Syncro Oxid Raven/Fog HALL 18 - STAND B01
Spazio Relax spa Vision Syncro Oxid Authentic Cemento Grezzo HALL 18 - STAND B09 B19
Vener srl Vision Syncro Oxid Raven/Fog HALL 18 - STAND C05
Magniflex Facile+ Rovere Sunny HALL 18 - STAND E27 F24
Bosch Vision Syncro Oxid Authentic Bianco Puro, Facile+ Quercia Antica HALL 09 - STAND A05 A09 B06 B10
Euromobil Nadura Live Bistro Finitura Frattonato in doga 2,6m, Lindura Live Frassino Bianco HALL 09 - STAND A05 B06
Smeg Cucine Industrial K-Uno Rovere Crudo HALL 09 - STAND A06 A08
Arrital spa    Nadura Bistro, Fit.Lay Tatami Brown, Lindura Olea Oak HALL 09 - STAND D09 E12
Elica spa Oximoro Opera 15 Beethoven HALL 11 - STAND A12 A18
Snaidero Rino spa K-Uno Rovere Moro HALL 11 - STAND B25 C24
Rossana Cucine Vision Syncro Oxid Real Raven HALL 11 - STAND E15 F16
Stosa Cucine Vision Syncro Parquet Ungherese Rovere Grigio HALL 13 - STAND C09 D12
Arrex 1 spa Nadura Grafite HALL 15 - STAND D15 E16
Lube Cucine Nadura Nero Radis HALL 15 - STAND E19 F20
Creo Kitchens Nadura Intonaco HALL 15 - STAND E25 F26
Verona Mobili Vision Syncro Oxid Raven HALL 15 - STAND E26 E30
Decormarmi srl  Prestige L Noce Autentico, Vision Syncro Oxid Matt Cool Gray HALL 22 - STAND C28
Berloni Bagno srl Nadura Polvere HALL 22 - STAND C33 C37 D36
Mobilduenne srl Nadura Bauxite, Cenere e Sabbia HALL 22 - STAND M26 
Antonio Lupi Design Spa Nadura Nero Radis HALL 22 - STAND A29 B20
Stocco F.lli srl Vision/Facile+ HALL 24 - STAND A07 A11
Rubinetterie Ritmonio srl Nadura Grafite  HALL 24 - STAND B12 
Megius spa Facile+ Black Craquelè, Silver Bianco Selenio HALL 24 - STAND C14 C16
Radomonte Facile+ Black Canyon HALL 24 - STAND D05
Arblu srl Facile+ Black Craquelè HALL 24 - STAND E01 E05
Mobiltesino srl Vision Syncro Multiwood Rovere Ragusa  HALL 24 - STAND L05 

* ATTENTION: from 2019 Lindura and Nadura change their names to Lumbertech and Evertech respectively.