The SKEMA Road Show dedicated to continuous training and awareness of new proposals with local partners has kicked off.

Meetings aimed at spreading knowledge of the latest innovations introduced to the market, such as the hybrids STAR.WOOD (SPC+wood) and STAR.KC (SPC+cork underlay), and showcasing materials, projects and developments that can be made with the SKEMA offer.

Brescia - 11 May 2023

The stages calendar

The first scheduled itinerant training meetings will take place in May and June, the dates on the calendar are

9-10 Catania
11 Brescia
25 Naples
14 Trani

Catania - 9-10 May 2023

The themes of the Road Show 2023

In these meetings with flooring specialists, the aim is to build up mutual in-depth technical knowledge, the best tool to be able to generate a competent service, to know the inputs coming from the market and thus be able to offer the end customer a product that really meets his needs in a timely manner. All the more so given that the multilayer flooring sector has evolved in recent years and is also finding well-deserved acceptance in Italy, the result is a dynamic market, with new products and updates coming month by month. 

Not only new collections and new products, the tour also serves to show the technological innovations made to existing collections and the most original and new applications that can be realised with SKEMA products.
In this there is a lot of space for the material wood, the topic of sustainability related to it, and developments in wood flooring, such as LUMBERTECH.


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