Sonora's new catalogue is online

Acoustic quality has become a primary goal in the architectural design of new environments.
In this scenario, there are many knowledge and tools available to designers to improve the acoustics of spaces.

The most comprehensive solution to the noise problem

SONORA provides a complete range of products that can be customised in terms of surface, shape, colour and can be used in combination with each other to meet the many requirements of functional optimisation and aesthetic performance of projects.

All SKEMA and SKEMAidea solutions in one catalogue

This catalogue brings together all SKEMA and SKEMAidea solutions, from rigid coverings to textile solutions.
Also presented here are the services that SKEMA offers to those who wish to design the acoustic comfort of a room, as well as an in-depth look at the functions and specifications of each product: FONIKA sound-absorbing wall slats, AKUSTIKA wall and ceiling panels, and TRAMETESTALEA TEX and SKINÌ TEX sound-absorbing textile furnishing solutions.

A catalogue that aims to give as many tools as possible for conscious planning, with excursus on the type of surfaces that absorb sound waves, the concept of noise and reverberation, and sound absorption tests that can be conveniently carried out with SKEMA's assistance.

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