Lumbertech S700 expands the SKEMA herringbone family

With the arrival of the new Lumbertech S700, the SKEMA proposal dedicated to the Herringbone patterned floor expands.

This pattern can now be found in all SKEMA indoor lines: in the wooden floor Oximoro Palladio S650 and in the original Yles collections, in the Living laminate line with the Syncro Parquet Hydro collection, in the Sintesy resilient flooring with the SPC Star.KS and now also in the Lumbertech strengthened wood flooring offer.

Lumbertech S700

The wooden floor enhanced in resistance is dressed in the timeless elegance of the Italian Herringbone laying. Thus wood in the most classic of its patterns can also be laid in areas open to the public where greater resistance to footfall is required. The characteristics of Lumbertech engineered wood plus the painted surface finish make it easy to clean, antibacterial and scratch-resistant.
The Lumbertech S700 is equipped with PLS interlocking, which guarantees a tight fit with a mechanical fork effect along the entire length of the interlocking. This technology allows for herringbone installation at a 90° angle with a "universal" plank, in other words without the need for left and right planks, making installation much more practical and faster.
Lumbertech S700 is available in the 700x140x11 mm size, in 6 colours: Arches Oak, Ontario Oak, Pollino Oak, Conero Oak, Valsesia Oak, Classic Walnut.

The other Herringbones by SKEMA

Oximoro Palladio S650

Oximoro Palladio is a Slavonian Oak wood floor, made entirely in Italy and certified, offered in the Hungarian Herringbone format with dimensions 650x152x15 mm.
The Hungarian Herringbone laying pattern is very similar to the French one, but it is distinguished by the 30° inclination with which the heads of the planks are cut. The elements, all of uniform length and width, are positioned head to head and thus form a wide laying pattern.

Yles Folia, Tarsia, Kross, Over

For those who love designed hardwood flooring but are looking for something original that breaks away from tradition, there is Yles, the three-layer wood floor by SKEMAidea that has reshaped the paradigms of designed hardwood flooring, even of the Herringbone laying, with four collections that revise the proportions of the elements and create original Herringbone: Folia, which simulates an intertwining of Herringbone, Tarsia, for a modern Hungarian Herringbone, Kross for a large Italian Herringbone with a variation, and finally Over with a broad, light and elegant 45° Herringbone.

Living Syncro Parquet Hydro

The Living Syncro Parquet Hydro laminate floor was the first of the SKEMA products to bring back the Herringbone laying pattern also suitable for public areas. Hydro technology and the well-established qualities of laminate, which make it practical, easy to lay, resistant to footsteps and easy to clean, have given this pattern ease and speed of laying, even in renovations. Syncro Parquet Hydro is offered in the Hungarian and French versions in the 1184x293x8 mm format and in the 1182x293x8 mm format for the Classicanother way of defining the Italian Herringbone, the oldest of the three, which envisages planks of constant width laid at 90° to each other.

Sintesy Star.KS

Even the world of SPCs has its own herringbone, with Sintesy Star.KS the total water resistance, low thickness, simplified installation with TLS-5G interlocking, the integrated mattress and semi-rigid CaCo3 inner panel of the SPC, meet the French Herringbone.
This type of pattern has batten heads cut at 45°, a type of laying that became widespread in the 19th century during the transformation of Paris at the hands of Baron Haussmann.
Star.KS is proposed in the 1498x300 mm format with a total thickness of only 6 mm, micro-bevel on all 4 sides and end-less technology of the pattern that is synchronised, simplifying laying and at the same time creating an effect of continuity where the planks follow one another, without breaks.

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