Horeca wall coverings and furniture for acoustics

Skema has developed many solutions ranging from rigid cladding, for walls and ceilings, to modular solutions covered with soundproofing fabrics to improve acoustic well-being.

From 12 to 14 October at the trade fair in Rimini, during Superfaces, SKEMA will be giving concrete proof at its stand of how its solutions for acoustic well-being in the hospitality and catering sectors work.

The SKEMA offer stands out in the room acoustics market for its transversal and comprehensive proposal, ranging from rigid wall and ceiling coverings to furnishings with acoustically effective textile coverings. All solutions that can be combined and integrated with each other.

Acoustic hall detail

Integrated rigid and textile soundproofing

This makes it possible to act with structural solutions, such as Akustika panels, which have an effect on the distribution of sound throughout the room in which they are installed. Or choose furnishing solutions with the same function, such as Trametes or Skinì TEX, which allow rapid, flexible and configurable operation.
Both solutions, individually or in pair, make it possible to correct sound distribution in environments such as restaurants, meeting rooms, hotel lobbies and waiting areas, hotel rooms and breakfast rooms. 

At Superfaces, in Hall D5, Stand 053, inside the 160 m2 SKEMA space, an acoustic tunnel fitted with Akustika and Trametes panels will be set up, allowing visitors to experience first-hand what it means to control sound distribution in an indoor environment, enhancing the listening experience. A tunnel simulating a silent hotel corridor, where noises are muffled until they are practically imperceptible. 

Another practical demonstration of how SKEMA's sound correction solutions are transversal, is the set-up of a meeting room, where the noise that could be caused by the large glass walls enclosing the room is corrected and cancelled out by the application of Akustika and the strategic use of Trametes and Skinì TEX. 

Wall with Akustika panelling

Acoustic walls and ceilings

Akustika is a sound absorbing system that uses the practicality of dry-laying panels and planks where the construction system remains visible and becomes a furnishing element. It consists of MDF panels, covered in laminate, milled on the surface and perforated on the inside to form a set of cavities where sound is absorbed and dispersed. Thanks to the many possible colours and textures, Akustika offers great, practically infinite freedom of expression.

Trametes Square and Circle in their various possible applications

Soundproofing furniture

Trametes and Skinì TEX are the SKEMAidea line proposals that are characterised by their acoustical fabric covering and their modularity. Trametes is a modular acoustic balancer that can be applied to Wall, Ceiling, Freestanding and in the Tree version, to create original and modular compositions. Trametes' fabric cover, soundproof, removable and washable, made from PET from recycled bottles and itself 100% recyclable, is the same as Skinì Tex. Skinì is the flexible and configurable partition wall, designed to divide spaces or remodel them in an agile, reversible and customisable manner.

Skinì TEX

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