Lumbertech and Akustika in the company restaurant with a panoramic view

In the major revamping of Faac's headquarters, Luca Drago Architetti has also redesigned and built the company's new restaurant, known worldwide for its automation and access control solutions, using Skema's Lumbertech and Akustika products.

The project aims to redefine the entire distribution of the company's spaces by placing a real park at the centre, the green lung and focal point of the entire complex.

The company restaurant, therefore, was designed to allow its users to enjoy the view outside; this was achieved by installing large reflecting windows. A mirror effect on the outside to maintain privacy, a transparent effect on the inside for a feeling of continuity, accentuated by the furnishings and the inclusion of plants acting as "natural barriers" between one space and another.  

The surfaces covering the interiors have also been designed to emphasise and improve the restaurant's restorative and anti-reflection function, and this is where Skema comes in with its Lumbertech and Akustika products, selected for their technical and aesthetic qualities.

Akustika for a privacy effect

Akustika, the soundproof wall of the Vertical line, has been inserted in two specific areas where the sense of privacy has been accentuated.
The first, characterised by the colour green, was installed on the wall and ceiling to give life to the 40 square metres of the "silence zone".
The second is a multi-purpose area, a corporate room suitable for lunches but also for meetings, closed and wired, inside which Akustika was installed on the wall and ceiling.

All Akustika projects are custom made, created according to the client's requirements and designed in-house by Skema to optimise their soundproofing function.

Lumbertech natural and durable wood

Looking for a floor that would respond effectively to the stress of high footfall in a public place and at the same time to the aesthetic concept of the project, the solution was found in Lumbertech in the Blanche Oak finish.

Lumbertech Blanche Oak is the surface-varnished engineered wood floor in the large format 2200x270x11 mm.

A scratch-resistant floor with a Bfl-s1 fire rating, making it ideal for environments that are normally resistant to ordinary parquet.

You can see the development of the project in the link of Luca Drago Architetti studio.

Project details

Skema Products: Lumbertech Varnish Blanche Oak
Skema Products: Akustika in 2 customised colours
Space =  Company restaurant
Location = Zola Pedrosa, Bologna
Project = Studio Luca Drago Architetti
Supply and installation = Costruire Srl e Dado Concept


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