Hydro laminates for the temples of male beauty

Two different locations, two places dedicated to male beauty, two laminate floors with Hydro technology. Today we travel between Sorrento and Teramo to see the furnishing development of two barber shops, in both cases the solution chosen for the floor covering was a laminate floor with Hydro technology. The two Skema protagonists are K-Uno Hydro and Syncro Parquet Hydro.

Dacci un Taglio with K-Uno Hydro

In Sant'Egidio alla Vibrata, in the province of Teramo, Dacci Un Taglio has found its new location for men's beard and hair care. A relaxing corner for men only that welcomes customers in a refined interior, a boutique effect underlined by the predominance of black and damask decorations. Here the floor, supplied by BieMme Commerciale srl, plays on a neutral wood effect. The large format K-Uno Hydro was laid in the decorative Rovere Texas, a colour with warm brown tones and references to knots and grains typical of oak. 

Details project

Brand: Dacci un Taglio
Location: Sant'Egidio alla Vibrata - TE
Reference: BieMme Commerciale srl
Category: Sistema
Line: Living
Collection: K-Uno Hydro
Decor: Rovere Texas

Andrew Barber Shop with Syncro Parquet Hydro

In Sorrento, in the province of Naples, Andrew Barber Shop has renovated its historic salon, evoking the vintage atmosphere of the golden years of barber shops. A mix of elements from the 1930s and 1950s, such as the vintage armchairs or the barber pole at the entrance. To respect the vintage style of the bar, our partner Vinaccia srl supplied a floor with a herringbone laying pattern: a Syncro Parquet Hydro laminate in the Classica Rovere Naturale decor, a classic pattern that gives movement and elegance.

Details project

Brand: Andrew Barber Shop 
Location: Sorrento - NA
Reference: Vinaccia Srl 87.Studio
Category: Sistema
Line: Living
Collection: Syncro Parquet Hydro
Decor: Classica Rovere Naturale

The choice of Hydro technology

Choosing a laminate floor with Hydro technology means making a stylish but also technological choice, with considerable advantages from a practical point of view. The distinguishing feature of these laminate floors is their resistance to water stagnation for up to 24 hours, perfect for areas such as beauty salons or barber shops because they are not afraid of water and wear from footsteps. What's more, all the products in the Living range are "Made of Wood", 80% real wood, EPLF certified, compliant with CAM criteria and safe for the environment, thanks to the certified eco-compatible production processes with which they are made. True technological solutions that improve everyday living with an eye to nature.

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