Trametes: SKEMAidea's sound correction system

Trametes is the phonocorrective proposal, designed by architect Franco Driusso, for SKEMAidea, which allows to create the acoustic balance within a room.

A solution that differs from existing proposals on the market for its versatility and its ability to perform several functions: on the one hand the technical, on the other the aesthetic.

Modular, easy to install and clean, hygienic and safe, coverable with removable and washable fabrics, antibacterial and antifungal, Trametes has been designed primarily to correct the distribution of sound in collective environments.

The main focus has been placed on the control of the frequency of speech which is the most characteristic within the rooms and is also the one that creates the most disturbance, reducing the feeling of well-being and harmony. The sound correction has been obtained using a stratigraphy with differentiated densities that capture the sound wave in its different frequencies.

Trametes: a solution born from nature

This corrective phono system is created by observing the fungi, bodies with a spongy structure able to capture the sound wave. In particular, the Trametes are mushrooms that are born close together, cover the entire surface, overlap both vertically and horizontally and create a stratification that thanks to the many colors becomes a real artistic installation.

The structure of Trametes

Trametes presents itself with a simple and very friendly aesthetic, where the fabric that covers it accentuates the sense of softness given by the different geometric shapes, all rounded, without edges. The feeling is that of a sofa, where the edges are banned to give way to softness and welcome.

The external simplicity, however, is in contrast with the technology contained inside. The main heart of the geometric elements, which are installed following a precise triangulation and a specific inclination, is a high intensity polyurethane structure configured to cage the sound, following the principle of Helmholtz resonators.
The control of the frequencies occurs thanks to the stratigraphy at different densities, capturing the sound wave in its different frequencies.

The formal declinations are therefore multiple, a free standing element has also been created that is divided into two types of configurations that recall real trees, an iconic tree, with simple and basic geometries like the circle, an element that returns in all the most important projects.

Password: modularity

Trametes has been designed to allow you to create unique configurations, easily modularized by the end user, it becomes almost a kind of game where you can create new shapes and where you can compose your own palette with the many colors available fabrics.

All the elements are completely removable, in an easy and fast way, so as to facilitate the refitting and change the aesthetic impact of an environment in an instant, simply with a different color, or by changing the arrangement of the elements, also very simple, thanks to a system of attachment with magnets.

The modularity of Trametes doesn't stop here, because this system can also become a lighting design element. The brackets of its structure can be implemented by LED luminaires, transforming Trametes into a real lamp, both in the Up/Down wall lamp version, and in the pendant version with indirect light diffusion on the ceiling, or stand alone.

The modularity of Trametes is accentuated by the elements created in two different shapes: the rectangular versions SQUARE and Trametes CIRCLE, with a circular shape. 

With these formal declinations with multiple shapes and multiple dimensions, a free standing element has also been created that is divided into two types of configurations, which recall real trees. An iconic tree, with simple and basic geometries like the circle, an element that returns in all the most important projects.

Wellness in the workplace

A Trametes desktop version has been designed for workspaces, a desk partition that allows to define individual workstations with a touch of color and personality, as well as acting as an acoustic barrier.
Easy to install and remove, without the use of any tools, it makes the workstation flexible in its various uses, switching from a meeting table to a multiple workstation. 
Also in this case it can be created through the overlapping of shapes, a 3D effect and a telescopicity that allows you to adapt the product to the shapes and spaces in which it is inserted. This clearly allows you to improve your acoustic well-being at work.

The 7 distinctive features of Trametes:

1- Removable cover and hygiene as it is covered with soft fabric, practical, washable and customizable
2- The overlap, which allows extreme adaptability to the walls.
3- The ease of installation and change of position
4- The multilayer structure, which allows you to interact and correct multiple frequencies. 
5- The lighting option. 
6- The interchangeability of fabrics that allows a very fast refitting
7- The many modular declinations: Trametes, declines its decorative and lighting functions in wall, ceiling or freestanding versions.



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