The exceptional Christmas 2020

Due to the unique nature of this Christmas, Skema wanted to give its most loyal customers and institutional offices an equally unique book with a strong symbolic value.
"Venezia: Il Silenzio della Bellezza - 59 foto per 59 giorni", this is the title of the work, designed by architect Franco Driusso and photographer Andrea Pancino, it is a prestigious photographic story, combined with poetic texts, published by Grafiche Antiga, known for its art publications.
Only art, culture, history. A Beauty that is indeed silent (due to the lack of humanity) but precisely for this reason noisy, timeless, but stopped in this sad time.
A reminder that even in the darkest moments, there is always an opportunity to seize, a lesson to learn, a hope that gives us the stimulus to react and to redesign a future made of beauty, well-being and evolutionary tradition.
A collection made up of images and written words, where emptiness prevails over fullness, where the Venetian architecture speaks, asking for silence in order to be heard, to enjoy its beauty, so delicate and fragile, as is the life of mankind.
In the preface to the book, Raffaele Ferrara describes the melody of Venice as follows: "The voice of Venice is as unique as the place that expresses it, it is a cantilena softened by water, a voice that Venice jealously preserves, and that it only releases when the noise of the people, who gaze at it spellbound, finally ceases. [...] It is evening. Finally evening, or perhaps night, or at the most early morning. This is the time that Venice prefers to begin its slow, caressing, mischievous, promising song, like the voice of a thousand deceitful fairies that skim its waters with lascivious flight. But this year, at the time of the Covid, Venice was able to speak even in broad daylight, and hers was a Voice we had never heard, and that perhaps not even Venetians remember."

 In this silence that becomes music, we wish you, this Christmas, to trust in the future and to enjoy all the beauty that the present can reveal to us. 




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