SKEMAtheca is not just a display, it is a new concept for the sales space

Designed by our Art Director Franco Driusso, SKEMAtheca aims to be the digitalized evolution of the materials library, the reloaded materiatric library.

SKEMAtheca is a concept that aims to find the solutions that today are modern sales, a sales that connects everything that is in people's imagination and experience through that experience that digital allows, combined with the touch of materials.




Console, Software, Video

The heart of the system is made up of a console, where we find a software that is connected through an electronic RFID equipped to each colour of all Skema's collections, allowing to see on the video everything related to that specific colour: technical data sheets, video explanation of the product, video installation, pictures, projects made, texture details. 



The Display Drawers

The 7-drawers display tells the codes of chromatic representation, or rather the Skemacodes.
7 chromatic groups, 7 materials, 7 combinations with as many set-up configurators, allow us to dialogue not only on material, thickness, composition, but allow us to understand exactly how the combinations can be matched in the space we intend to furnish, according to a specific mood.



The Cradels

At the end, only at the end of our street to the final choice, there is the product. In the cradles, in fact, we can find the planks in their original size, the ones we saw through the digitalized samples and then lay them on the floor, walk on them, see them in natural light.


Expandable system

The sale continues at home: through the applications provided for computers, tablets, mobile phones, we will be able to see what we have seen and chosen, in an augmented reality, filming our environment and inserting the elements as floor or wall covering, or other things proposed in SKEMAtheca. Soon we will also be able to choose between complementary, acoustic and furnishing systems.
The product has arrived in the project; the product is part of the project.


The modern sale

In modern sales we can find three fundamental moments: experientiality, project, digital language.
SKEMAtheca responds to all this three moments because SKEMAtheca is not a display, it is a concept, a method, it is the answer to modern sale.​



This is the excerpt of the SKEMATheca presentation video that you will soon find online


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