Rooms with bathroom with Star.K in the B&B of Montepetra

In the renovation of a charming B&B nestled in the green hills of Romagna, was chosen the rigid vinyl flooring Star.K, in the Valencia version, for the covering of all rooms with bathroom of the structure.

The B&B Borgopetra, was born from a wise renovation of an existing building located in Montepetra di Sogliano al Rubicone, in the province of Forlì. The project was developed by Geom. Ugo Plazzi and  Fabiola Cucchi Design who wanted to highlight the valuable materials used to obtain a country chic effect with a contemporary flavor, perfectly integrated with the hilly landscape that surrounds it.

Romantic rooms with Star.K 

Even the rooms, named like the comedies of Plautus, born in nearby Sarsina, respond to this vision and, thanks to our client DreamsFactory, who provided and installed the floors, today 300 square meters of Star.K Valencia  cover the rooms of the B&B.

truly strategic choice because it allows to respect in the aesthetics the relaxing and natural atmosphere of the building complex, and at the same time exploits the technological qualities of this coating to obtain a practical and safe surface.

The ideal wood-effect floor for bathrooms and hotels

Star.K was the optimal choice to bring aesthetic continuity throughout the environment, covering both the room and the bathroom insideSkema's SPC is in fact totally waterproof, so it can be installed in environments such as bathrooms, gyms, wellness centres, and all spaces where water is the protagonist.

The effect of a parquet floor is guaranteed without worrying about the effects of humidity on the wood. But there are other reasons why Star.K is ideal in hotel rooms and bathrooms:

  • Absolute water repellent
  • Resistant to heat fluctuations
  • Low thickness
  • Technology S.P.C
  • Resistant to commercial loads
  • Excellent insulation from walking noise between floor and floor in the floating version
  • Reducing reverberation in the room

revolutionary solution of which we have described the advantages of laying in places where water is the protagonist in this focus and its many values in the dedicated article.

Photo by Mirna Casadei