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How to clean and sanitize floors these days

Keeping the home interior clean is always important, but these days it is even more so.
Everything is cleaned more carefully to sanitize the domestic spaces, even the floors in this period must be washed more often and with care. To do this, however, you need to use the right products so as not to ruin the surfaces.

How to effectively clean the floors without ruining them?

Each type of coating has its own rules of cleaning, bleach or alcohol can not be used for any type of surface, but there are other products on the market equally effective to disinfect surfaces and designed to clean and sanitize each material, without ruining it.

Skema has created, for each type of floor, quick manuals that explain how to clean them and where to recommend the products to use. In this guide, in addition to links to the various Cleaning Guides, you will find a practical summary of the practices to be adopted to clean the various surfaces.

Cleaning with a broom or vacuum cleaner

The first step of routine cleaning is similar for all Skema floors.
A daily operation is to remove dust and residue with a broom, microfibre cloths or vacuum cleaner.
Especially for wooden floors, such as Oximoro or Lumbertech, avoid using chemically impregnated cloths to remove dust, because they can affect the protective layer of the floor and make the surface "kneaded" and opaque, while cloths capture dust without impregnating agents do not cause any problem. 

How to wash the floor

Among Skema's proposals we find floors with different functions and characteristics, so there are some differences in the cleaning procedure between an Oximoro Oliato wood floor and an Evertech woodcomposite, or between an SPC Star.k and a Lumbertech Engineered Painted wood.

For practicality we have grouped Skema products for optimal cleaning and surface sanitation procedure.

How to wash Living laminate floors, Evertech woodcomposites and Flex synthetic flooring

The procedure is simple: all you need is a well wrung out cloth and a neutral detergent, such as Marseille soap, Lysoform for floors or Vileda for floors, or you can follow the official procedure in our manuals which recommend the use of Multilayer Cleaner. It does not need rinsing, does not leave marks, sanitizes and pleasantly perfumes the environment.

How to use Multilayer Cleaner: wipe a well wrung out cloth by pouring 6 scoops of Multilayer Cleaner for every litre of water. Do not throw water directly on the floor, do not use soaked cloths, do not let the water stagnate.
If your floor is one of those described, download the dedicated Cleaning Guide here.

Products not to be used to wash Living, Evertech or Flex floors: DO NOT use products based on ammonia, bleach, soap paste, vinegar or foaming detergents.

How to thoroughly wash Oximoro and Lumbertech engineered wood floors

Wooden floors are more delicate than other surfaces, and cannot be treated aggressively with unsuitable products. However, it is possible, periodically, to clean the surface more thoroughly using the special product indicated by Skema for washing, doubling the amount diluted in hot water. Clean with a cloth that is often wet in the dilution and well wrung out. In general it is recommended to AVOID industrial detergents containing aggressive chemical products such as acids, ammonia, caustic soda, various solvents, bleach. 
Also AVOID leaving stagnant water, which can damage the wooden floor causing swelling or staining due to "rising" of the wooden components.

Products suitable for oiled wooden floors 

Whether it is Oximoro or Lumbertech, to wash this type of floor we recommend you always use a neutral detergent suitable for wooden floors diluted in warm water. 
The product recommended by Skema is Osmo Detergente Rapido 8016 (1 cap in 1 lt of water), to be used with a well wrung out cloth on the whole surface and then rinse with a damp cloth and clean water.

Products for varnished wooden floors

In this case the procedure for cleaning varnished Oximoro or varnished Lumbertech is the same as described above but the product Skema recommends is Cleaner Star (2-3 caps in 1 litre of water). Always use a squeezed cloth to wipe the entire surface, always avoiding water stagnation and always rinse with a squeezed cloth and clean water.

Download here the Oximoro Wood Floor Cleaning Guide or if you have a Lumbertech engineered wood floor, download here the dedicated Cleaning Guide.

Wash Sintesy line synthetic floors

To thoroughly clean and sanitize Star.K, Connect or Fit.Lay floors, it only takes a few steps, after dry cleaning with a broom or vacuum cleaner, wash the floor with a microfibre cloth or with a floor brush and neutral floor cleaner, it must not be aggressive and it is better to avoid using dust-eating detergents and waxes. It is recommended to AVOID the use of solvent based products, industrial detergents containing acids, ammonia, caustic soda, various solvents. 

You can use Marseille soap, Lysoform for floors or Vileda for floors, but the one suggested by Skema is the Multilayer Cleaner that cleans without rinsing. 

Download the complete Sintesy Floor Cleaning Guide for a deep and safe cleaning. 

Please note that for all floors it is possible to periodically clean the surface more thoroughly using the washing product indicated by Skema in hot water, doubling the amount in dilution. Then proceed with the cleaning with the cloth, which should be wet often in the dilution and then well wrung out.




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