Discover the new Skema Kit to sanitize and decontaminate surfaces

Today the cleaning and sanitizing of environments are more than good practice, they have become a necessity to adopt, especially for public and meeting environments, to work and live the environments safely and according to the new rules.

To make this operation, which is now daily, practical and pathogen-proof, you can start by sanitising floors, using the product kit that Skema makes available to you for Living and Sintesy systems.


The Skema cleaning, sanitation and decontamination kit 


1 litre bottle - antistatic detergent


1 litre bottle - sanitising detergent


1 litre bottle - decontaminating detergent 

PuliSystem and SaniTotal to sanitize and decontaminate surfaces

Two new, highly effective hygiene solutions are added to Skema's range of laminate and synthetic floor cleaning products.
PuliSystem and SaniTotal are two products designed to sanitize and decontaminate surfaces, both available in 1 litre packs and can be combined with the traditional Multilayer Cleaner.


Against germs, bacteria, fungi, algae and spores

The concentrated floor cleaner based on benzalkonium chloride (classified biocide by ECHA*) and hydrogen peroxide is effective in removing dirt and acting against germs, bacteria, fungi, algae and spores. 
It is ideal for cleaning floors: PVC, LVT, oiled and varnished parquet and laminate. Its aggressive action against bacteria, however, does not damage surfaces on which it is delicate, without leaving haloes. It is a product that can also be used in the presence of animals. 

How to apply 

Shake before use. The recommended doses are 2 caps (120ml) of the product in 5 litres of water. 
Proceed with washing the floor with a well wrung wet cloth, without rinsing.

*European Chemicals Agency


The decontaminating detergent

It is a high concentration decontaminating detergent based on sodium hypochlorite.
Developed in compliance with the WHO rules for the decontaminating treatment of PVC, LVT, rubber, oiled and varnished parquet and laminate floors, in public and private environments, even large ones.

How to apply​ 

SaniTotal should be used after cleaning the surface with PuliSystem cleaner. 
The recommended doses are 2 caps (120 ml) of the product in 5 L of water.
Once the product has mixed well, proceed to clean the surface, distributing it evenly with a well wrung wet cloth and then leave it to act until the floor is completely dry. Also in this case it is not necessary to rinse after the application. 
The diluted product can also be sprayed on the surface and then distributed with a dry cloth.

where to find the No Germ System cleaning kit

PuliSystem and SaniTotal complete the range of products designed for easy and safe cleaning. Together with the Multilayer Cleaner, which makes it possible to obtain an initial cleaning of the surfaces, the Cleaning Kit, updated to today's needs and proposed by Skema to all its customers, is composed.
To purchase Skema sanitizing and decontaminating products, simply contact your local agent or your trusted retailer.
For any information, you can also write to sales@skema.eu


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