What is the fate of wood in architectural projects after Vaia?

A year after the storm Vaia, which has upset the ecosystem of our mountains, it seemed right to dwell on the theme of the culture of mountain design, with a view to protecting the landscape but also development and transformation. The opportunity to reflect was given to us by a conference, held at the end of September, and attended by our project manager Raffaele Ferrara.

In the heart of the Carnic woods, the Association Vivere l'Accademia, Barbara Candoni, Sylva Gortana and the Order of Architects P.P.C. of the province of Udine, have created a conference immersed in greenery, establishing a dialogue between landscape, wood and architecture. 
The aim of this meeting, was to arouse reflections and ideas for cultural growth for the redevelopment of the mountain area affected by the storm Vaia. The protagonist was wood, as a material to be drawn on with awareness and respect. A project so felt, that even the City of Forni Avoltri, Innova FVG and the Consortium Boschi Carnici decided to marry and then join in the front line in the organization of the event.

From Carlo Mollino to today's projects for the mountain panorama

During the meeting, moderated by the architect Ermes Ivo Buzzi, prominent figures of contemporary architectural design, inserted in the mountain context, took part, starting from the intervention of the architect Luciano Bolzoni on the figure of the Turin architect Carlo Mollino, presenting his latest publication "Carlo Mollino Architetto", a cue to analyze concrete examples of contemporary projects grafted into the mountain context, and then with the architects Matteo Scagnol of MoDus Architects and Enrico Scaramellini of ES-ARCH, experts in mountain design. A well-structured event that saw the collaboration of students from the GB Academy of Fine Arts. Tiepolo from Udine and the patronage of the FVG Region, UTI Carnia, ADI FVG, the Arco Alpino Architects Association, Confartigianato UD and ISIS Fermo Solari from Tolmezzo.

The many possible lives of wood

One of the themes that has most affected our imagination has been the fate of the Wood of Shelter after the storm Vaia and its recovery. A debate on its eco-sustainable use both in the architectural-structural field and in the production of interiors and furnishings.
It emerged that wood today can once again play a primary role in the future of housing and the health of people, who live most of the time in enclosed spaces, who must return to being healthy, free of toxic agents and harmful to the physical and mental well-being of all.
Wood as the protagonist of a conscious and ethical design, which protects the heritage and environmental resources, especially in a mountain context. An environment that must develop in a contemporary key, with difficult and unusual projects, but always mindful of the principles of its tradition: simplicity, efficiency, attention to detail and materials.

Skema's response to modern contingencies, while respecting the material wood

An idea of modernity and sustainability that come true, we can find it in Lumbertech, a Skema solution that applies the most modern technological studies to the natural resource wood.
The material is transformed through a process of de-materialization while continuing to express in an authentic and tangible way its intrinsic peculiarities. With Lumbertech we find an original and performing answer to the destiny of wood, intended as a natural resource to be managed and protected, a future-oriented answer to housing design.

Lumbertech the wood…


Lumbertech was born with the patent Wood Powder, a new material in wood fiber and melamine resin. Once shaped, it joins the wood to give it a shock resistance never experienced before.


Because it is a wooden floor to all intents and purposes, because it does not use adhesives, adhesives or additional treatments and because it comes from a certified forest chain. And more because it uses a 1 mm veneer, also available from crash wood such as silver fir, which is also present in the areas of Carnia.


Lumbertech is versatile and is used as a floor covering in public or private environments, but also to cover walls, furniture and shelves. Lumbertech gives breath to creativity.


Lumbertech is successful for its use in public environments, high-traffic places. For its resistance to shocks and concentrated loads and for its excellent reaction to fire in class Bfl.


Lumbertech excites, it's a warm, authentic, expressive floor. The surface has been structured with a deep brushing that highlights the grain of the wood, its story can be seen and let read.


In this article you can learn more about all the features of Lumbertech, the real wood technology, shock-resistant and respectful of nature.


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