The summer season 2019 starts in Monopoli with Outside Marina Classic

Images that make you want to move or, at least, book your summer holiday now. Let's open the summer season 2019 with Outside Marina Classic Pietra Lavica, installed in a passive house in Monopoli, Puglia.

The scenographic impact is remarkable, and the eyes can only be catched by the garden of Villa Miriam, where the protagonist is the outdoor swimming pool, completed by a poolside walkaway laid by Progetto Casa di Santoro Gabriele with the WPC Skema.

Every detail in this project has been studied to create a harmonious landscape, a continuum with the surrounding landscape, made of white stone houses, trulli and expanses of olive trees.

The dialogue between the environment and the residence is manifested inside and outside the living spaces, the merit is due to the designer, the architect Francesco Longano and Rubner Haus who have built this passive house in the Mediterranean and that meets all the Itaca Protocol requirements of the Puglia Region for the sustainability of buildings certification.

The house is the result of the restoration of a dilapidated old house demolished, rebuilt and relocated. The project by architect Longano was aimed at resolving aspects relating to the well-being and comfort of the user, while respecting the environment and the landscape, for this reason technologies and materials allowing to reduce energy consumption have been used.

Attention to materials

The main material is wood, which has been used to build the entire structure and which shows how this type of design is possible even in unusual use contexts for this type of building.

"The design of a natural and passive construction, namely eco-sustainable, represents our approach to architecture; an architecture that takes the use of natural materials into account, and uses construction and plant techniques that minimizes energy impact and promote the best integration of buildings with who live in and with the natural environment".

This is how architect Longano explains the philosophy behind the project, in which is adopted environmentally friendly materials, such as the WPC Skema Outside, used in all outdoor spaces: for the poolside, for the sidewalks, for the terraces and for the barbeque area.

Outside Marina Classic friend of environment

Nature meets modernity in this realization, and Marina Classic Pietra Lavica has been chosen following this principle, because it is an ecological product, made with eco-sustainable materials. The result is evident: a style that recalls the typical architectural and landscape features of Puglia with modern connotations, even in use.

The Outside decking guarantees high performance in terms of safety and maintenance, its beauty is accompanied by its resistance to atmospheric agents, to anti-slip surface processing, resistant to humidity, to fungus and bacteria and easy to clean.

A solution specifically designed to allow everyone to enjoy the beautiful season outdoors blithely and in the company of wonderful landscapes.


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