The soundproof ceiling of the Gnam restaurant

Recently opened,  Gnam – Bar is the new area of Multistore Dondi in the province of Ferrara where you can eat in a convivial atmosphere and, thanks to Akustika, in Harmony.
In harmony, because with more than 200 square meters of false ceiling in Akustika the environment enjoys an optimal distribution of sound, where the reverberation is managed by Vertical  technology and then you can talk without being succubes of the background noise. 
An Akustika Df 13/3 FP 16 slatted Vertical ceiling system in the decorative Cemento Sand was chosen to optimise the acoustic well-being of the environment by our client Rampado Sas by Gallerani Patrizio from Ferrara, who followed the project.

Noise-risk open space

The environment is an open space with full-height glass walls on three sides of the building, the focal point is the large bar counter and the exhibition area with a solution of continuity and proximity to the customer, all around develops the arrangement of tables and chairs of the room.
Light and lightness give airiness to the environment. But open spaces are often subject to a poor distribution of sound that does not find barriers that absorb it and are therefore often local victims of noise.

The study of sound and the Akustika solution

To solve this problem right from the design phase, our technical department carried out the acoustic analysis of the environment from which the work plan was then developed. 
This led to the creation of a false ceiling in Akustika sound absorbing slats, lowered to allow the installation of the plant ducts.
The ceiling has been designed to allow easy installation of sockets for the air conditioning system and recessed and suspended lighting points.


Acoustic analysis shows how the reverberation time curve before the application of Akustika reached very high reverberation peaks, indicating a very strong echo effect in the room. With the application of the Vertical system the reverberation time is perfectly within the optimal parameters, also indicated by the current legislation.



The Akustika sound absorbing modules of the Vertical system are ideal for cinemas, theatres, bars and restaurants, conference rooms, public spaces and workplaces. A product that allows the environments to achieve high levels of comfort and acoustic well-being. Thanks to the different milling and drilling geometries available, you can choose the soundproofing level that best suits your project.
Akustika slats and panels are milled on the surface and perforated inside, to form a set of cavities where the sound is absorbed and dispersed and have been designed to simplify assembly to the maximum by inserting specific profiles.




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