The Salone del Mobile seen by interior designers

The richness of Italy is contained in our know-how, in the way we do things and propose them, is often a value taken for granted, perhaps considered superficial, but the Salone Internazione del Mobile in Milan is the concrete demonstration that the words aesthetics, design and attention to details, are fundamental values of Italian culture and especially are recognized throughout the world, and give life to objects appreciated and global settings .

This is why Design Week is much more than a fair, it is an annual event in which all the best of contemporary design is put under the spotlight, it is the final exam, the Oscar night, the show in which everyone wants to participate.

Here are concentrated the best creations, the most innovative proposals of furniture, here is where you breathe  and touch with hands the atmosphere that the "Made in Italy" brand can evoke and stage.

So what does the Salone del Mobile mean for the world of interior design designers and architects?

Certainly it can have multiple values for insiders. And if one of the participation reasons is certainly the business aspect, since on those days it is possible to meet customers, collaborators and colleagues from all over the world, the scenographic aspect is one of the strongest motives.

What makes this event unique compared with other design fairs held around the world, is its ability to concretely express the Italian design concept by taking it  a real stage. Not only the products are exposed to the public's judgement, but also the way in which they are presented, which must also reflect the Made in Italy identity.

Design and emotion 

The emotional impact of the design week is strong, and it is what most amazes the designer and the creative who assist you.

Well-known and world-class brands but also emerging brands, bring to the catwalk, in a mechanism that finds great parallels to the fashion week shows, their styles and their innovations, and as for the fashion industry, everything here must be designed to amaze, impress, to remain in the mind of the spectator.

Innovation previews

The Salone del Mobile is synonymous with innovation, it is the first kermesse important of the year and therefore the first where experts in the field can find confirmation or new proposals on trends that  they will follow in the coming months. Therefore it has a fundamental role for presenting the fashions of the moment. But, since we are talking about design, the innovative aspect is not only connected to the aesthetic aspect, but also necessary the technological one.

The days of Design Week are the amalgamation of aesthetics, form and function. Three elements that here merge and manifest themselves in their highest concepts.

For architects and designers, walking around the stands of the fair means immersing in a myriad of new technological solutions, linked to the most relevant themes that today include ecology, sustainability, ergonomics and multifunction of the spaces. Made in Italy, however, is also expressed in the way that these innovations are presented.

The aesthetics and communication of each brand here is as important as the innovation proposed, because with the same solution, "wins" those who can represent it in the most impactful and significant way.

Every detail is fundamental

So don't be surprised if every detail composted the exhibition space of various brands has been designed in the smallist detail, if the materials chosen to complete the "scenography" have passed a real selection based on the concept and vision that the company wants to transmit. Colors, finishings and materials are all elements that are inserted in a rational way to compose a picture that aims to catch the eye and stimulate the mind of visitors, even the most experienced and critical.

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