The first Skema monobrand showroom opens in Naples

Our partner Del Prete Marmi e Ceramiche based in Casoria, in the province of Naples, is expanding its offer and dedicating a new showroom to the world of warm surfaces. To do so, it chose Skema as its exclusive partner, creating the first Skema monobrand showroom.

Del Prete Marmi e Ceramiche is a well-established reality on the Neapolitan territory, famous for the great variety of products and for its expertise in the world of marble and ceramic floors. The market in turmoil and the new needs of customers, increasingly linked to renewal and renovation projects, have meant that Del Prete Marmi e Ceramiche added a new element to its already substantial offer, also opening up to the other half of the world of surfaces, made of parquet, laminates, LVT, WPC and Wood composite.

The complete package of Skema products and knowledge

To take this important step, he needed a reliable partner who knew the subject well and could provide competent answers and ongoing assistance.

This is where Skema, already a supplier to the Naples-based company, comes in, offering all the necessary technical support, but above all, the right training to start this project, transferring all the knowledge of the sector that has its peculiarities, with installation methods, timing and elements very different from ceramic floors.

Skema was chosen as the unique partner for the new showroom of warm floors because it was appreciated the company philosophy and the modus operandi, based on continuous innovation of products, technology and aesthetics and ability to follow the customer also from the point of view of training.

The fundamental factor that made the monobrand showroom open was the fact that Skema can offer a complete range of solutions, covering the entire panorama of warm surfaces, with products with a high level of innovation such as *Lindura and *Nadura.

New market trends

Why choose to open a dedicated showroom? Because today more and more Skema's portfolio of solutions adapts perfectly to the growing building trend that leads to renovation and renewal of spaces. Laminate floors or resilient synthetic floors, but also parquet, all solutions that respond more practically and quickly to this need typical of recent years and which is becoming increasingly popular, especially in the Italian market.

The spaces are already open to the public and are located in Casoria in Via Pascoli 21, ready to welcome designers, architects but also private individuals looking for the best solution. Del Prete Marmi e Ceramiche will receive them with professionalism and competence, always supported by Skema staff.

* ATTENTION: from 2019 Lindura and Nadura change their names to Lumbertech and Evertech respectively.