The evolution of Star.K the semi-rigid LVT floor

Born only last year, the LVT Star.k of the Sintesy collection proved to be a real discovery, so loved and appreciated by customers that Skema has decided to further develop it and take it to a new level. It is a real evolution of Star.K that the company has designed and that will be officially presented in the coming months. This development not only enriches it with new decorations, but also expands its quality offer and literally conquers new spaces, with solutions also for the walls.

The new versions of Star.K in 23 new decors

Let's give a few numbers right away to make it clear the novelty coming in the family of Skema synthetic floors.
There will be 23 new decorations in addition to the existing ones:
5 with wood effect
7 with material effect
4 register decors
3 with tatami style textile effect
4 wall decors

Not only new colors then, but a real explosion of options, very different from each other, so that Skema has decided to divide the collection into subfamilies, and then, in addition to the classic Star.K that will group the decorative wood, we will have other 2 declinations identifiable by acronym:
Star.K W for the wall decorations, Star.K R for the register decorations, i.e. with syncropore technology.

Greater realism with synchropore technology

After Living and Flex, register technology is also part of the Star.K R. collection.
With this finish, each knot corresponds to its relief on the surface and each grain to its depression, a synchronization that highlights the charm of real wood, giving an optical and tactile effect ultra realistic and natural floors.

Warm stone with Star.K

Star.K is a product in step with the times and to meet the most modern tastes expands the range of decorative materials. Stone, cement and metal on which to walk without ever losing the feeling of warmth under your feet, typical of LVT floors.

Dressing up environments

Star.K is an ideal floor for renovation and renewal projects, as well as being the floor that first challenges the most typical taboo of wooden floors, that one of water, thanks to its characteristics that make it waterproof and therefore also ideal for installation in the bathroom. Such an innovative floor can only look to the future and from 2019 it will also be available with "fabric" decorations, but above all also in a wall covering version with 4 decorations, the same as the floor for a perfect match. Innovations that will help designers to explore new ideas of interior design.


Who is Star.K: the LVT floor that resists water

Star.K is a large format and heterogeneous vinyl floor that is characterized by its dimensional stability. Star.k is a new generation LVT, reinforced and loaded with CaCo3 minerals, all in one piece, equipped with an extruded panel that makes it semi-rigid but flexible, strong and stable even if subjected to strong temperature changes, made according to the new SPC technology. Equipped with a pre-coupled acoustic substrate, it does not fear humidity. In short, an extremely practical floor for cleaning and daily management, suitable for all environments, even the most prohibitive, especially perfect for the renewal of environments in a short time.


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