The elegance of herringbone laying in the wood and laminate versions

Among the many types of wooden flooring, herringbone flooring is certainly one of the most elegant. A reference to the floors of yesteryear that today returns to great trend and is reviewed in a modern key. The success of this floor is also in the ability to give dynamism and makes the rooms seem more spacious.

Classic plug or Hungarian plug

There are two versions of herringbone laying: the classic (or Italian) and Hungarian (also known as French), both require quality and precision in laying to obtain the distinctive touch of elegance and sophistication.

Skema offers both versions, both the classic version, which provides for the laying of the strips in a perpendicular way, and the Hungarian spine version, which provides for the cutting of the heads of the strips at an angle of 45° and then placed at right angles to each other.

The peculiarity of the Skema offer is that herringbone laying is present both in the Oximoro line of wooden floors, in the Itaca Spina and Opera Ungherese collections, and in the line of laminate floors in the Vision Syncro Parquet collection.

Not only wood

In this article we want to show you how herringbone laying enhances the aesthetics of the rooms, regardless of the material used, wood and laminate are elegant, refined and original in both solutions.

What we are showing you are two residential projects in which two floors with herringbone laying have been laid. In one, an Oximoro wood floor was used, in the other a Vision Syncro Parquet laminate floor.


Private residence - province of Lecco - Oximoro Live Essentia Spina Terra


Flat Flow Interiors Franiak&Caturowa - Gdansk - Vision Syncro Parquet Ungherese Rovere Naturale – pics by Magdalena Łojewska

Not only residential

And for those who think that herringbone laying is ideal only in residential living contexts, we propose two exceptional examples that show how this type of design marries perfectly, both in the Oximoro wood version and in the Living laminate version, even in public environments such as showrooms and hotels.


Show Room Arredamenti Vaccari srl - Soliera (MO) with Oximoro Opera Ungherese Ervel


Muse Hotel – Tel Aviv with Vision Syncro Parquet Classica Noce Chiaro.


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