The Atelier New Group offices in Mantua respect history

Is it possible to live the spaces in everyday life, working in welcoming environments and at the same time respect the centuries-old historical identity of the building that hosts us?

The new Atelier New Group offices in Mantua show us that this is possible.
The contract company, which specialises in the development of furnishing solutions for optical shops, has recently moved its headquarters to Palazzo Fochessati in Via Mazzini 28, a historic building in the heart of Mantua.
In redesigning the rooms that now host the offices on the ground floor and first floor of the building, which dates back to the fifteenth century, the owners wanted to enhance the historical connotations of the building and to do so they chose elements that were functional to a working environment but above all compatible with the historicity of the place and with the design canons of the founding era.

Larch for a dialogue between past and present

The choice of the floor was also conditioned by these values and led to the installation on the first floor of the company headquarters of a wooden floor Oximoro Opera Smart, Bosco Larice Montana.
The larch as a choice that respects and recalls the history of construction, because in 1400 was one of the essences used in construction.
Here the naturalness and light tones of the Skema's larch floor are in perfect harmony with the walls, where the plasters have been preserved and the fragments of frescoes recovered. 
The modernization of the systems was carried out with the dual mission of respecting the structure and style and even the floor respects the design canons of the time when Palazzo Fochessati was built.

The modernity of our times lives daily with the history that the rooms of Palazzo Fochessati here are free to express and tell. Atelier New Group has been able to find the balance from two eras that now coexist and are usable without losing their authenticity and their functionality.



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