Star.K a strong floor also in values

The new technology of plasticizer-free rigid resilient coatings in Skema is expressed in Star.K, the extruded vinyl, reinforced and loaded with CaCO3 minerals and provided with pre-coupled XPE acoustic substrate. Star.K, which belongs to Skema's Sintesy line, is a concentrate of technology that expresses itself through multiple values.is a concentrate of technology that expresses through multiple values.

A floor that, thanks to its structural qualities, is totally water-repellent, not only to humidity but also to water stagnation, therefore ideal for installation in the bathroom.
Star.K is the all-in-one vinyl that, in addition to meeting the challenges posed by water and humidity, also withstands heat fluctuations and is not subject to expansion.

A new frontier reached by this vinyl floor, which also lends itself perfectly to renovations for its low thickness.

The values that make Star.K ideal in many scenarios concern various aspects and can be grouped into different themes.

Star.K is technological because it is: 

Absolute water repellent
Resistant to heat fluctuations
Low thickness
Technology S.P.C
Resistant to commercial loads
Excellent insulation from walking noise between floor and floor in the floating version
Reducing reverberation in the room

Star.K has a pleasant aesthetic impact because:

Planks or Plates of important dimensions
Very large seamless surface (20x20m)

Can be installed on ceramic floors with joints up to 10mm, without shaving

Star.K is easy to pose because:

Dry laying
Available on wall with glued installation (version Star.KW)
TLS-5G interlocking (practical, durable, fast)
Mattress included

Star.K is sure why:

A+ certified
Very low V.O.C. emission
Very low phthalate content
Fire class Bfl-s1, suitable for public spaces

So many qualities that make this synthetic coating S.P.C. a real revolution in three surfaces, ideal in many contexts such as public areas, shops and showrooms, the ho.re.ca. sector, bathrooms and kitchens in private environments and in exhibition stands.



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