Skema meets designers from Central America

Thanks to the collaboration with the engineer Urbina of the Costa Rican firm Innova, Ivan Piccolo, Skema's project export manager, undertook a tour in Costa Rica where he met some of the most important design and construction studios in Central America.
Representatives of EVCO Constructora, CONDISA, Zurcher Architect, Consultecnica, PIASA, Gensler, Garnier Architect, OPB Architect took part in the various meetings where they were able to get to know Skema as an Italian company, an active partner in problem-solving and design support.
Through the presentation of significant case histories, they were able to learn about the values of Skema products and their concrete application in architectural projects. 
The feedback has been more than positive, what has surprised the most design studies is Skema's ability to offer highly technological products, which take advantage of the dry laying system and with it all its advantages in terms of healthiness and application. Professional laminates, new resilients, and engineered wood are among the Skema solutions that have most amazed.

Laminate professional product

A myth that we have debunked is the reputation of the laminate, often considered a product not very "noble", the designers could see that Skema laminate is a professional laminate, also suitable for high-level projects, not only on the aesthetic front, with solutions such as large size (Living K-Uno) or herringbone poses (Living Vision Parquet) but also for the class of reaction to fire and abrasion that makes the laminate a product resistant to wear even in public spaces.

Enhanced nature in Lumbertech

Even Lumbertech, as often happens now, has made designers fall in love with its qualities that allow to have in a single material the properties of wood and those of stone. They were amazed by the resistance of this natural material, enhanced through a process of dematerialization, affected by the class of reaction to fire, by the resistance to stress from walking and fascinated by the large formats in which it is proposed.

Star.K a revelation also overseas

A product that offers freedom of design thanks to some key structural elements:
- the low thickness that allows to install on existing floors without structural interventions;
- the lightness of the material, which does not affect the weight of the floors;
ease of installation, which is why it is also suitable for installers who do not specialise in hot floors;
- the total water proof that makes it perfect for humid climates.

Thanks to these days of direct meetings, even overseas professionals were able to get to know and appreciate Skema's technological solutions. The next international appointment will take us to Dubai, to the Big5 fair, where we will talk about technology applied to surfaces also in the Middle East market.