Scratch-resistant floor for the Electrolux showroom

250 square meters of Nadura (now Evertech) Intonaco cover the recently renovated multi-purpose showroom of Electrolux.

The multinational company, leader in the production of household appliances, for the renovation of the large company showroom in Susegana, has chosen the studio of the architect Ilaria Marelli, who has developed a multifunctional area, capable of hosting moments with different dynamics and needs.

Showroom multifunction

A flexible space, designed with few elements but with a strong communicative and functional impact. The floor also had to meet these requirements, so the choice fell on Nadura (now Evertech), the Skema anti-scratch floor.

Architect Marelli was already very familiar with Skema laminate floors, which she often used in trade fair settings, where aesthetic impact and practicality are design musts. In deepening the needs of the client Electrolux, together with the project manager of its area, was able to discover the portfolio of new solutions Skema, including Evertech, a floating surface, light and thin but ultra resistant to shocks and scratches.

Modern, practical and durable finishes

Nadura (now Evertech) in plaster finish was chosen for its neutral tones and for its Industrial style, in accordance with the context. A modern style, combined with its resistance to scratches that makes it ideal for this high-traffic environment designed to accommodate the need for meetings, cooking shows, product displays. All in a flexible environment, which is reconfigured according to the need and where the elements are moved and rearranged according to the needs.

Photos by Luca Casonato




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