Mission Skema: diary of a two-day space journey

On 13 and 14 June Skema, with 200 guest-passengers, set off on its journey into Innovation, pushing beyond the traditional boundaries of the galaxy of coatings. The annual event the Mission Skema highlighted the parallelism with the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing, where technological innovation and a revolutionary approach were the common and basic elements of both events. On the Moon, a simple action like walking, encompassed years of study and new technologies. For Skema, technology is the tool that allows to reach new ways of conceiving space and to make more and more a "walk" the fruition of the environments.
The Skema journey has had many stages and more than one exceptional guide. We started together with our Chief Operating Officer Nicola De Menis who showed us the map of the route and the themes that defined the trajectory. 

Preparing for takeoff

With our Marketing Manager Raffaele Ferrara we have understood the origin of the thought that gave rise to the Mission Skema, a path made of knowledge and experience that, through product innovation, has opened the door to a new approach to the flooring market, less and less part of a construction process, to become itself a vital solution.
Again with Ferrara, we were able to learn about the characteristics that make some of the protagonists of the two days special: the new technological products Lumbertech, Evertech and Star.K.

Two exceptional guides

The journey continued with the market expert Astronaut, Dr. Giuseppe Bincoletto, Partner and Co-Founder of Claim Branding Value and Vice President of Assindustria Venetocentro, who was able to surprise and guide us in the new dynamics of the market and allowed us to discover the concepts of the Weconomy, totally married by Skema. 
The Architect Driusso, as an expert in experiential architecture, was the guide who revealed the philosophy behind his projects, developed for the new Skema spaces: SkemaTheca, the renewal of the Atelier, the birth of Skema@Work and Skema@Quality that bear his signature.

Arrival and re-departure points

Once the tools were acquired, the adventure continued with the exploration of spaces and products. The travelers, divided into three teams, embarked on their experiential tour in each environment where they were welcomed by the various Skema managers to guide them, step by step, in the deep knowledge of innovation.

New Settings

Party Under the Moon

After so much traveling, we all met in a planet full of video and sound effects, the Party Under the Moon, with music, good food and conviviality that accompanied the exchange of ideas and reflections, also left imprinted on the Moon Board, as a sign of the passage of these new explorers in the great, innovative and unprecedented world of Skema surfaces.