Lumbertech a Project flooring

In the meetings, workshops and all the meetings Skema organises with architects and interior designers, the attitude of Lumbertech (formerly Lindura) to provide extremely high-performance answers to design needs is increasingly emerging.
Those who don't already know it are surprised when we explain its peculiarities, while those who have already had the opportunity to apply it in their projects talk about it in widely satisfied tones.
Lumbertech engineered wood is to all intents and purposes a surprise that is winning over designers as they learn about it and test it in the field. Described in a nutshell, Lumbertech is a wooden floor enhanced in strength thanks to the coupling with the Wood Powder.
Within this condensed definition, however, there are at least 5 elements that make Lumbertech a revolutionary wood floor, loved by experts in the project sector.

Fondazione Amalia Ciardi Duprè by Susini Home Exclusive

The 5 values that make Lumbertech unique

• Patented

Lumbertech was born with Evertech the collaboration of a pool of European companies, including Skema, which have created the Wood Powder, a new material in wood fiber and melamine resin. Once moulded, it joins the wood to give it an unprecedented impact resistance.

• Natural

Lumbertech is natural in many ways. It is natural because it is a wood floor in all respects and as such it responds to the aesthetic characteristics of real wood, to the sight and touch. It is natural because it does not use glues, adhesives or additional treatments and because it comes from a certified forest chain. Its wooden core remains authentic and intact.
Accademia della Pizza by Condor Pavimenti

• Performing

Natural, resistant, large-sized, Lumbertech is versatile and increasingly used as a floor covering in public or private environments, but also to cover walls, furniture and shelves. We have seen it in hotel rooms, conference rooms, bathrooms. Lumbertech gives breath to creativity.

• Resistant

The real reason for Lumbertech's success is its use in public environments, high-traffic places, spaces where classic parquet is often not recommended. Lumbertech amazes for its excellent reaction to fire in class Bfl and above all for its resistance to shocks and dents, a resistance conferred by the Wood Powder that penetrates the wood during processing.
Palestra BPM by Cora Banche

• Emotional

Lumbertech excites, it's a warm, authentic, expressive floor. The surface has been structured with a deep brushing that highlights the grain of the wood, its story can be seen and let read. Lumbertech reveals the pure and strong soul of this reinterpreted wood, a true revolution in classic parquet, with a romantic look but an ultra-technological heart.
Bagno Privato by GiemmeContract 

Lumbertech palette

Lumbertech has many finishes, from the warmest to the most modern colours, in oiled or painted versions, always respecting the naturalness of the wood. To see them, open the finishing book.




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