Innovation Skema between fashion and nature at Infoprogetto meetings

On 29 and 30 May Skema ended the month with a double appointment Infoprogetto. The stages in Milan and Verona saw our representatives involved in two meetings with unprecedented implications, one dedicated to the fashion and contract system, the other to construction in protected areas. In these cases too, Skema has spread the word of technology applied to surfaces. 

In Milan for an Infoproject to drink

The Milan edition, Wednesday 29 May, at Palazzo Parigi and entitled the"Fashion" of building, was a special edition dedicated to the fashion retail sector. The focal point of this meeting, coordinated by Studio Marco Piva, was to analyze the new way of designing environments dedicated to the retail sector of fashion, with an eye to the contract management of this area. 
What measures to take and what products will help us so that the interior design of shops and boutiques facilitate the customer experience and at the same time enhance the identity of the maison?
We tried to respond to this during the workshop, which was attended by a selected audience of interior designers, with very specific scientific interventions to which Skema gave its contribution, showing how the theme Innovation is applied to perfection even in this sector so attentive to functional aesthetics.

In Verona with the landscape friendly building industry

On 30 May it was the turn of Verona. Here the theme was focused on the building inserted in delicate and protected environments such as the lakeside.
How can we respect the architectural and natural landscape, the result of a centuries-old dialogue between man and nature, without renouncing to the most advanced technological solutions? How can we reinterpret the use of natural materials in an exclusive and modern context?
Skema responded by showing and demonstrating how its technological products, Lumbertech, Evertech, Star.K and Marina Real, can be applied in different contexts and according to new perspectives. WPC decking can be used to cover an external wall, and Star.K resilient flooring expands its applications and can also be used on walls.

The Skema tour with Infoprogetto continues 

The year is still long and there are still many stages in the Infoprogetto where you can meet Skema and learn about its Innovation program, already awarded as the most innovative product in two editions, in Treviso and Milan. 

The future dates in the program are:

Pescara, 04 June 2019
Trento, 02 July 2019
Florence, 12 September 2019
Palermo, 24 September 2019
Turin, 15 October 2019
Naples, 05 November 2019
Milan, 05 December 2019

We remind you that for registration you can consult the site Infoprogetto close to each event.