Instagram Skema shares fresh inspirations

In the social media of the moment, the freshest, most dynamic and most popular of recent times, Skema has created a space that dialogues through color and creativity. Instagram Skema account is a succession of inspirations where the surfaces play with color palettes and small clues, symbols that create a context.

Every week, Skema updates her profile with matches and mini moodboards that hint at a story or pull out a smile. 

The aim is to present new proposals, such as the latest Star.K decorations or the innovative Lumbertech and Evertech lines, to create logical or chromatic combinations from which to draw inspiration, to anticipate initiatives or events, as happened before and during the Mission:Skema or to enter into the flow of current social events.

Find inspiration and share ideas

The flow of colours and surfaces that follows one another in the Instagram Skema profile is intended to be a fresh and dynamic space capable of lighting up an idea, giving users a creative cue for future projects, daring lightly. Each post ends with a motto that is a wish and an invitation: "Feel free to take inspiration and share with friends". All users are free to save their posts, redivide them and comment on them, because with this message of colour Skema wants to spread a creative and joyful mood on the web.

An even more shared future

Skema, you know, always looks to the future and even Instagram moodboards are involved in this perennial evolution. In the next few years Skema surfaces will be the protagonists of set palettes, with the fundamental contribution of the many users who tag Skema and who will be able to see themselves mentioned in the revisitation of the moodboard style of their own achievements.
An even more social way where the sharing and collaboration between the company and the users wants to be more intense and wants to give the right value to those who use Skema surfaces in the concrete creativity of their projects.

Participate in the mood invasion

Being part of the Skema community is easy and can be done in many ways: following the Instagram account, commenting on the various palettes proposed, or sending photos of achievements with Skema products to sales@skema.eu the most beautiful will be included in the social channels of the company along with the name of those who made them.





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