In Skema 4 new spaces created by Franco Driusso

It was the last days of 2018 when we announced the new partnership between Skema and the architect Franco Driusso, at that time we had anticipated what would be the joint projects. Today, with the inauguration of the 4 new spaces created at Skema, the concept conceived by the architect Driusso has taken shape and is expressed concretely.

new way of communicating, with more dynamic, modular, extremely striking and attractive corners. A new way in which Skema expresses the market of surfaces and enriches the products with an experiential value. The new rooms at Skema's headquarters make a visit to the company, commercial or technical, a narrative experience.


A concept, rather than a tool, that represents the new frontier of the living experience in sales. To go beyond knowledge and move towards the action of buying, you need kinaesthetic and emotional experiences, with SkemaTheca you can immerse yourself in an interactive and engaging shopping experience.

The SkemaTheca on the second floor of the company's headquarters is a large space where, in the centre, surrounded by neat displays of product samples, the interactive console is the protagonist, allowing the creation of a dialogue between matter and idea, between digital and analogue. The samples of the individual decorations are placed on the console and the monitor shows detailed technical information, but also examples of environments in which the finish has been used.

The aim is to make the customer the protagonist of his choice, allowing him to use the experience of the product to create his ideal project, all while offering him all the useful information and in a user friendly way.


The architect Driusso conceived the renovation of the Atelier Skema following the principles of experiential architecture, where knowledge passes through a tangible experience of the values and peculiarities of Skema systems. Following this vision, the path of the Atelier was born, where the space combines the new visual technologies of connection and representation and where everything leads to an immersive experience that allows you to live Skema solutions within different living spaces.

The islands are environments where the use of materials expresses all their potential. For example, the space dedicated to the material wood takes on a three-dimensional setting and leads the visitor to live the experience of a real place where the wood is present all around him. Or again, the island that shows the Vertical solutions is a corner of well-being, which allows you to perceive the comfort created through both sight and hearing.


The formative architecture is based on the same principles of interaction as the experiential architecture, but here the focus is on the formative and informative objective also on a practical level.

The Officina@Work environments have been designed to maximise the technical training experience. 
Vertical Skema solutions have been used in the classrooms, so that course participants can enjoy optimal sound distribution, a factor that improves the learning experience and at the same time proves the truthfulness of Skema's phono corrective solutions, even within the tunnel of silence. Officina@Work is an environment in which to study samples and test the laying of various products on floors, walls and ceilings, not only from a purely technical point of view, but also as an approach to the good standards for working in inhabited environments.


A journey in which in 11 stages you can see all the quality tests to which Skema products are subjected before they are released on the market. Quality@Work is the place where you can become aware of the meaning of the word quality for Skema, which here takes concrete form through the demonstration of the tests to which Skema products are subjected. Resistance to shockswearscratches are tested, as well as the reaction of the products to external agents such as water or heat sources. The intrinsic properties of each Skema line are described here in the most effective way possible: through practical experience.

Each new Skema place proves to be the setting of a narrative, each focused on different aspects but all related to the philosophy Skema, which the architect Driusso has been able to express well.
They are all open spaces, inviting visitors to enter and explore the company Skema, which today is Engineering, Design and Research.  
They are spaces for imagining and learning to shape the modern human habitat, based on the concept of interaction and relationship, and are ready to welcome the visitor and lead him into the new world of surfaces.