Cleaning guides for Skema products

No more doubts. Cleaning the floor today will be easier thanks to the cleaning manuals that Skema makes available to you. In the website download area now you can download the latest cleaning guides.
Each floor has its own technical and aesthetic characteristics and each one also has different needs in terms of cleaning and maintenance. Skema has created guides that help to take care of surfaces over time, indicating the steps to be taken for each of the products offered.
To download the manual you are interested in, simply go to the download area, than to the "technical sheets" section and select the "Maintenance and Cleaning Manualitem from the drop-down menu.
You can find the specifics for cleaning a laminate floor of the Living Line, or details on the maintenance of the wooden floor of the Oximoro Line. And again, outdoor flooring from the Outside line, the resilient Sintesy, Lumbertech and Evertech products can be found here for professional cleaning instructions..

How to read the cleaning and maintenance guide

In all the manuals there is a legend that explains the symbology adopted and provides a vademecum on the terms used. In common for all the manuals there is also a quick introduction where are given the general information on the cleaning of Skema products.
Each cleaning and maintenance guide therefore specifies the procedures for:
1. the first cleaning to be carried out immediately after installation
2. dry ordinary cleaning
3. wet ordinary cleaning
4. extraordinary cleaning or, where necessary, the procedure for the maintenance of the floor
Always follow a page with the products recommended by Skema for cleaning and maintenance and, to close, a short list of actions and products to avoid so as not to damage the surfaces.

Always together

Skema floors are made with processes and raw materials that ensure long life and excellent resistance to the actions to which they are subjected daily. But it is important to adopt habits that help to maintain the appearance and structure of the surface intact over time. These manuals are designed to give you a quick and comprehensive guide with all the information you need for this purpose, a tool to consult whenever you have any doubts, and that you can download from the site as often as you want.