At the restaurant with Lindura to enjoy the excellence of Italian taste

An oiled  Lindura Noce which you can now find in the Lumbertech collection - covers 160 square metres of the new Altavilla Ristorante, created inside one of the most historic buildings in the Sicilian city of Mazara del Vallo, the Episcopal Seminary. 

The former refectory and the kitchens that once housed the priests, have been the subject of a wise renovation that brought them to their former role as restaurateurs, opening the doors to the whole city.

Inside the premises of the Episcopal Seminary, in the historic center and in front of the cathedral of the city, the brothers Giacalone, Vito and Roberto, are the creators and managers of the restaurant Altavilla opened in April 2019 and that, needless to say, makes freshly caught fish and red crayfish of Mazara its specialties.

The excellences of Italian taste thus find their temple in environments full of history, culture and tradition, an operation of renewal of the spaces that has been able to respect their original nature and which has also contributed to the use of the floor Lindura Noce. Its warm tones blend perfectly with the furnishings and its resistance to footsteps makes it ideal for this public space.

The choice of a composite wood floor was suggested by our partner  Triskele Porte e Finestre SAS di Giuseppe Catalfio, to convince the customer was precisely the specific response of Lindura/Lumbertech to the need to furnish the room with a warm wooden floor, which gave a touch of style and elegance and at the same time the need for the floor to be resistant to footsteps, given the frequency of use of the public environment.

The wooden floor was laid on an area of the restaurant that includes the ground floor and mezzanine floor and a dry laying was chosen, which is why the 2200 mm long composite wood staves were specially designed.

Lindura Noce has already passed brilliantly the test at the footfall of the opening and the spring holidays, we are sure that it will be as beautiful as the first day in the years to come, after all, one of the peculiarities for which Lindura was born, today Lumbertech renovated and even more performing, is precisely that of being able to enjoy an authentic wooden floor in public places, where it does not fear shocks and scratches.


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