At Palazzo Ducale in Mantua the renewal with Akustika of the Atrio degli Arcieri

Can culture marry technology? Or rather, can modernity fit into historical-artistic contexts without affecting its beauty and high symbolic significance?
Questions that architects and designers ask themselves and to which they may have to find a solution.
When the renewal or improvement of an environment involves a space of great artistic and cultural value, there are many constraints to be respected, some regulations, others more tied to the ethics and philosophy of each designer. In general, however, all professionals, even those most oriented towards avant-garde solutions, must respect the identity of the place where the work is to be carried out.
If done with skill and with great knowledge of the facts, the use of modern solutions within historical buildings leads to optimal results, one of our latest interventions is an emblematic example. This is the case of the renovation of the Atrium of the Archers inside the Doge's Palace in Mantua, where Akustika walls of our Vertical line have been inserted.


Palazzo Ducale, born as the residence of the lords of Mantua, is one of the largest palaces in the world with an area of about 34,000 square meters. Built between the thirteenth and seventeenth centuries, its construction was followed by some of the greatest Italian artists, one of them Andrea Mantegna.
The monumental complex consists of several buildings, one of which is the Domus Nova, the work of architect Luca Fancelli, and on its ground floor there is the Atrium of the Archers, once the entrance to the ducal apartment, now covered by cruises supported by four columns with vaulted ceilings, dedicated to conventions and meetings, with a maximum capacity of 200 seats.


As often happens, the most innovative and performing solutions are the result of precise and synergistic teamwork. Our contribution, which went beyond the simple supply of Akustika staves in the decorative Lino Cancun for the walls of the atrium, was able to give the desired results, thanks to the collaboration of all the actors involved, from the manager of the works, Architect Antonio Giovanni Mazzeri, to the director of the Doge's Palace Peter Assmann, passing through our client Bulgarelli who took care of the order and finally the designers, Architect Filippo Santoro and Architect Alice Festa.

The Atrium of the Archers, needed an intervention to improve the acoustics, a fundamental aspect given the destination for which it was used in recent years, often welcoming speakers and the public for events and conferences.
But this place was not created for this purpose and some structural elements, such as the vaulted ceiling, do not facilitate the distribution of sound in an optimal way.
To solve the problem, we proposed the technology of the Vertical system, in the version Akustika 13/3 FP 16 DF Decor Lino Cancun finish. After a careful study of the ideal reverberation time in the room, carried out by our internal technical team, the best solution was the installation of Akustika in the 128x2838x16 mm slat format, on an area of just over 20 square meters. The installation was entrusted to the carpenters who also carried out the furnishings of the room and the result was to create a harmonious environment, where all the elements coordinate and where the needs of modernity find a solution without impacting, but rather coordinating with the historical-artistic nature of the large complex of Palazzo Ducale.


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