2 holiday resorts, 2 different floors, same desire for holidays

The rooms of the hotel Atlantic in Riccione and the holiday apartment Interno Sorrentino in Sorrento are two examples of how there is always a Skema surface able to interpret the needs of the Horeca sector and to harmonize with the style of each environment.

2 holiday locations in two Italian tourist resorts of excellence, two very different styles, a common mission, to pamper the guest and allow him to spend a relaxing holiday.

Hotel Atlantic in Riccione

On the Adriatic coast, the hotel Altantic has a modern style, fresh tones and minimal furnishings. Neutral colours predominate with a tendency towards white, which gives it freshness, luminosity and modernity.
The floor laid in the rooms is a laminate in light wood tones from the Living line, Vision Syncro Multiwood Rovere Siena, in perfect harmony with the furnishings. 
A strategic choice, because this laminate, in addition to the practicality of use and cleaning, also guarantees a realistic aesthetic effect and impact.

Interno Sorrentino in Sorrento

Sorrentine interior, in the magnificent setting of the Gulf of Sorrento has opted for a classic style, with a romantic retro touch, here the colors of the rooms are intense, of great impact. The material is expressed in every detail, as well as in the floor: Lindura Noce (today Lumbertech) varnished, selected and installed thanks to the collaboration with our partner Vinaccia Maria srl. 

This engineered floor expresses all the beauty of wood in its warm and decisive tones, creates a pleasant contrast with the white walls and supports the brightly coloured inserts.

Lindura, now Lumbertech, is the ideal wooden floor for public areas such as hotels, thanks to its impact resistance enhanced by the patented Wood Powder system, in this case perfectly meets the need to maintain the intimate atmosphere of the apartment with the needs of a hotel.

Solutions with a very different aesthetic impact but with the common goal of creating comfortable rooms and able to fit into holiday atmospheres with a unique style.




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