Who is seeking innovation and wellbeing chooses Star.K

A new center dedicated to the wellbeing of the body has opened in the city of Corato in the province of Bari. It is HUME Fisiolab and  it has chosen the floor Star.K Anversa for its surfaces.

For a company, providing quality service often means focusing on two factors: innovation and specialization. Two values that concretely allow us to offer expertise and new solutions to their customers. HUME Fisiolab applied them to its own business and to do it at its best, it wanted to create a new and innovative space where to welcome people.

"Health through movement", this is the motto of the center that Mariella Fariello,Michele Mangano and Valerio Di Liddo have conceived also structurally as "a path aimed at achieving an optimal state of health." A real pole of wellness with three physiotheraphy centres and two gyms dedicated to personal training and postural gymnastics, where it is possible meet specialist doctors and professionals of the sector.

As a true renaissance of the concept of fitness, at the center of everything is the health of man which passes through all dimensions and areas. A philosophy that has certainly already encountered who knows Skema and the principle of well-being living.

Technological innovation, high specialization and well-being are part of Skema DNA, that is why it was easy to get in tune with Hume's owners and immediately we were able to give a concrete answer, in line with their values: Star.K, Anversa.

Supply and installation were carried out by our partner Gravina Parquet, who in a very short time installed 250 square meters of the innovative synthetic floor presented this year in the Sintesy collection, which collects all Skema resilient floors.

Why has Star.K turned out to be perfect for a public environment where hygiene, practicality, healthiness (and style) are important?

Because, in general, all LVT floors, thanks to their ease of installation, ease of cleaning and resistance, respond impeccably to the needs of spaces such as gyms, medical offices, buildings, etc., and the new Sintesy Star.K is distinguished by its dimensional stability and above all for its total water repellency.
Thanks to these characteristics, Star.K does not fear heat fluctuations and not even water, not only moisture, which can be formed in spaces dedicated to physical activity, but also the stagnation of water does not affect the performance of Star.K.

These exceptional qualities are due to the structure itself of Star.K, which is an extruded vinyl, reinforced and loaded with CaCO3 minerals and provided with a pre-coupled acoustic underlay.

With a strong aesthetic impact, thanks to its large format, semi-rigid but flexible, strong and stable, Star.K is a concrete example of how technological research and product innovation can give increasingly specific answers to specific needs, such as those that can be found in a center dedicated to the well-being of the body.

And now let's go to HUME, to improve our physical well-being, on the Star.K floor.


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