The Skema autumn projects

No more holidays! It's time to make new plans for the next few months. We have defined them and some we can anticipate them already now.

The list of projects in progress is well nourished and touches on different themes: from training to sales and communication tools.

Autumn: you return to school

As planned, with the autumn, Skema resumes training activities around Italy.
You return to the Skema practical school with the meetings at Man @ Work, the registrations are open for the autumn sessions and all the interested parties can contact their area representatives right away.
The LVTour event also resumes, to bring the new Sintesy and Outside products to new Italian cities, not yet visited during the first spring session. The scheduled dates are to cover the entire national territory from north to south, so everyone can have the opportunity to know and touch the innovations introduced on the market by Skema.
During the autumn also our participation in the meetings organized by Infoprogetto starts again. The first and last date for 2018 is that of Milan on 29 November, where architects, engineers and surveyors will meet to learn about the latest construction trends and where Skema will bring the theme of the phono-correction of the environments.

Skema monographs are born

In the coming months we will see the birth of an editorial series where, from time to time, we will deepen collaborative experiences, projects and achievements that Skema has carried out with some of the most interesting professionals and studies of design of our sector.
To delve into the dynamics of the design world and to understand more in-depth how concepts of style, moods and philosophies are developed that are embodied in architectural and interior design models.

Increasingly complete documentation

We are implementing the technical bibliography of Skema not only from a theoretical point of view, but also practical. A first step is the reorganization of the manuals that can be used by technicians and end users, such as the Skema surface cleaning manuals. A tool designed to be an operational guide that facilitates the customer in the cleaning and maintenance of surfaces. Each type of Skema floor will have its own manual, so that everyone can access useful information that is relevant to their needs.

The restyling of cleaning products for Oximoro

For a more complete offer, Skema has decided to propose a line of products for the cleaning of its wooden floors. In the coming months a range of selected proposals will be available for each type of wooden surface. Oiled or varnished wooden floors, for each will be available some real kits for ordinary and extraordinary cleaning and for floor maintenance. Each product will be selected and approved by Skema and will be accompanied by instructions that will make it easy and safe to use.

The evolution of the Skema Points

An important project that is taking shape in these weeks and that will develop in the coming months is the evolution of the Skema points. The idea is to select and enhance the best Skema points of sale, giving them a dedicated space on the company website, where in addition to contact information, there will be detailed information on the Skema products they deal with, the services they offer before and after sales. the previews of the environments. In store the tools available to the customer will be implemented, with well-organized dedicated exhibitors, informative material, technical data sheets also for cleaning and maintenance of the products and the assistance necessary to make informed and decisive decisions. An ambitious and demanding project that we are sure will bring the quality of Skema's service and offer to an even higher level.