The importance of being a community

We greet 2018 with a brief reflection on the importance of being part of a community and knowing how to cultivate relationships. It all starts with what happened last week.
This year we have collected photos of the construction sites that our customers - and not only - have published and where Skema products have been used. For us it is a way to collect testimonials and monitor trends in the market. But this social activity, which is patiently giving life to the albums "work in progress" on Skema's Facebook page, also wants to be a way to share and give visibility to those who trust us every day and work with our products.

The year-end contest

So by the end of the year we wanted to create a moment of greater visibility and we invented a small "game", the Skema Social King 2018 where all the social pages that had posted photos with Skema products, could participate, win the title and even a prize on our social channels, which will be activated with the new year.
Apart from the winners, who were two and to whom our congratulations go, thanks go to all the participants and to all those who voted.
In the simplicity of this contest is hidden the real meaning, which is to create a community among users able to support customers in their work and promotion and that seeks to encourage the sharing of information and activities of all those who are part of it.

Community means proximity to the territory

But the Skema community is not only an online reality, on the contrary. Because sharing and relating means above all being part of a territory and its real community. The people who work in Skema want to contribute in their own small way to the development of some social aspects that they consider important. From this desire two initiatives were born.
Spontaneously, during the annual Skema staff dinner, a collection was collected for the association ADVAR, a reality that aims to support the dignity of life of terminally ill people, based in Treviso but that operates throughout the province.
To this gesture, created by Skema employees, is added the initiative of the company that participates for some years in the Action Aid activities, and from this year also at the Don Calabria Institute with the adoption of a child at a distance. A simple gesture that wants to give a concrete help in school development and in everyday life to those who represent our future.
Community for a company is to be present with your voice but especially with the actions. Trying to support the many realities of the territory, from partner companies to non-profit associations, is a gesture that we feel due to feel part of the community in which we work.