Skema is with MAD051 at SIA Hospitality Design

It will be an intense week in Rimini for the hotel industry, where some of the most interesting events dedicated to this sector are held at the SIA Guest.
Skema could not miss the appointment and in fact with MAD051, operating organization in the hotel project related precisely to Skema, and Lago Studio, Skema Oximoro, Outside, *Lindura and *Nadura products will be visible in the mood board proposed by MAD051 and in the exclusive setting of the Lago Studio project for ROOMS.

Hospitality Day

It starts Tuesday 9 October with Hospitality Day at the Palacongressi di Rimini, where a training day gathers the best companies in the sector and brings internationally renowned speakers to deal with 12 issues, from management to restructuring, with subject the world of hotels, its potential, trends and innovations .
One of the speeches will be given by Alessandro Muzzarelli, founder of MAD0 that will treat according to the company's integral philosophy the theme "Restructuring: 3 key steps to best use the budget".

Hotel Design Lab

The training day Hospitality Day, which anticipates the SIA, is the culmination of a series of training meetings held throughout Italy and started again in January 2018.

The dynamic workshop entitled Hotel Design Lab, involved MAD051 and Skema, in the eight events, thus bringing the theme of renewal, mood and coating systems as furnishing solutions, even in the hospitality sector.
The MAD051 vision is very synergistic with Skema, it is no coincidence that between the two there is a consolidated partnership in the relationship of floor distribution in the world of home furnishings, an innovative approach in which marketing, taste and communication are strategic elements on where the project is developed, where the products, like Skema surfaces, are functional and aesthetic solutions, which fit in with all the other elements of the project.
The goal, also for the contract sector and for the hotel industry, is to transmit the added value and identity to the structure, without forgetting budgets, control of the workers and maximization of the investment. Together with our partner, in the Hotel Design Lab workshops many companies have been involved, such as Lago, Kartell, Technogym and many others, who will be present at the great training event on October 9th.


To see the knowledge acquired at Hospitality Day put into practice, you have to wait until October 10th and visit the new project that is part of the great SIA trade show, the ROOMS SIA Hotel Design Lab. A space created to present the new hospitality concepts in absolute world premiere and which was developed in the Pad.D3 of the fair. Here, 12 mockups of hotel rooms have been set up, each developed and set up by a studio of designers, with the help of partner companies. In the space designed by Lago Studio, again in collaboration with MAD051, Skema wood from the Oximoro Opera 19 Elektra collection will embellish the walls of the concept THE BED-ROOM "Sleep comfortably, sleep well", where the main theme is the elimination of the superfluous, concentrating the functionalities and responding to the needs of the contemporary traveler.

* ATTENTION: from 2019 Lindura and Nadura change their names to Lumbertech and Evertech respectively.