Skema and the training in BigMat

Hosted at FIORINI EDILIZIA S.r.l. in Empoli (FI) and DE TOMMASI BRUNO & C. S.a.s. in Chieri (TO) we were able to introduce the reality and the Skema furnishing surfaces to the members of the BigMat group of the two respective geographical areas.

In this workshop, organized by the BigMat consortium's management center, the members were able to discover the Skema philosophythe moodboard concept applied to the surfaces, the customized solutions that our company offers to designers and retailers and of course the whole Skema floorings panorama.

The products that attracted the most interest and curiosity among the participants were the engineered wood *Lindura and the resilient floor Star.K, the first for its ability to combine the beauty of wood with resistance to shocks and scratches, the second for the concentrate of applied technology that represents.

The BigMat group and HabiMat

BigMat is a European network founded in 1981 with over 900 independent points of sale, 190 of which in Italy, of building materials. It offers professionals and individuals a wide range of professional products for all construction and renovation needs.

From the experience of BigMat, was born the HabiMat brand, which collects a series of showrooms widespread throughout Italy dedicated to furnishing accessories to find floors, walls and bathroom furniture for the design of new environments, renovations and renewal of spaces.

The parnership with Skema

BigMat has made a partnership with some of the leading companies in the sector its strong point, in this context the collaboration with Skema will be established, which will be the only supplier for the HabiMat spaces of warm surfaces. The two companies share the same objective: to provide designers and companies with innovative systems to improve the living comfort of buildings.

To discover the next meetings and Skema training activities continue to follow us.

* ATTENTION: from 2019 Lindura and Nadura change their names to Lumbertech and Evertech respectively.