Skema alongside the hospitality system

The hospitality week in Rimini was a moment full of seminars, conventions and training events, dedicated to all the actors involved in a sector, that of Hospitality, increasingly important at an economic level. The future of tourism in Italy has been at the center of the debates and proposals, and if the data are clear, with an induced that will reach the figure of 30 billion euro, the ideas to improve the offer are many.

SIA Guest focused on the offer design and experience. Two key concepts well represented at the fair through special projects, such as the ROOMS SIA Hotel Design Lab, focused on the theme of spaces furnishing.

ROOMS has proved to be a new and engaging way to look at the future perspectives of design in the Hospitality sector. 12 new concept expressed in as many hotel rooms where the visitor could experience the atmosphere in a deep way.

All the spaces have been created by internationally renowned designers, including the Italian company Lago, where  MAD051  (Skema partner), has contributed with the supply of Oximoro Opera 19 Elektra for the Lago walls.

“On the occasion of SIA Hospitality Design, we made order in the ideal room of a hotel to offer the best hospitality experience, subtracting all the superfluous, concentrating on the functionality and responding to the needs of the contemporary traveler. The result is THE BED-ROOM: a bedroom where man and his desire to sleep well are at the center.”

This is how Lago itself describes it.
The one in which the visitor found himself was an exclusive, international but warm and welcoming space, where the simple and clean lines give harmony and relaxation.

The hospitality system has always focused on guest satisfaction, but today the concept of experience that tourism asks is more related to personalization and authenticity.

From this point of view, not only the managers of the accommodation facilities are asked to enter a network that offers entertainment and culture to the tourist, but also to bring the experiential dimension into their hotel. How to do it? With a previous study of the spaces, with the renewal or creation of environments that reflect a theme, a well-defined atmosphere that gives the whole structure its strong identity.

The suggestion is, therefore, to rely on experts in the contract and Hospitality sector, able to accompany the manager in a renewal path where all the elements are considered and studied for a harmonious and coherent global vision with the project. A modus operandi that Skema calls the mood project, because just like the concept of mood, an idea, the result of needs and aspirations, becomes a true experience. In this case, it becomes a holiday that remains memorable for tourists.


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