Put wooden floors where you want

The wooden floors of the Oximoro line by Skema are the concrete example that parquet can be laid in very different environments. Not only prestigious floors in private homes, wood floors are perfect surfaces for decorating public spaces such as hotels, clubs, shops and installations.

Wood is pure matter, which nature gives us.

Its beauty and authenticity make it the ideal floor to create a sense of warmth and embrace at sight and touch.
It is also known that it changes over time, which sometimes frightens us and makes us treat the parquet as a delicate element, to be protected with care.
If it is true that with some precautions and constant care the wooden floor is beautiful over time, it is also true that if we want a wooden floor, we also love it because time and use will mark it and "shape it", telling us the story of our life in those environments.
Once we accept this principle of naturalness and life of wood, parquet can be laid virtually anywhere.

Today our excursion among the realizations signed Skema helps us to demonstrate in concrete how the wooden floor can be installed in very different situations. A gallery that draws on the variegated proposal of the Oximoro line, where you can find modern lines, classic styles, formats and more or less rustic finishes.

It's up to you to find the right inspiration.

The wooden floor in the Hotel

Ramada Hotel in Bologna is dressed from head to toe from the Skema collections, in each room a different solution has been laid according to the function of the space itself. Among the products used could not miss Oximoro wood. A floor with Ermitage Cezanne  finishing welcomes the guests in the hotel's meeting room, which has also been combined with a wooden wall from the Open Mind collection.

Oximoro Evo Antico at the café

Starbucks all over the world are now a point of reference especially for young people, tourists and students. Places always very busy where people stop for a break or order and leave. Heavy footfall was not considered a problem when choosing the floor for the Lodz Starbucks in Poland, where it was laid Oximoro Evo Antico with its dark and intense colors.

Parquet at Salone del Mobile 2018

Oximoro Opera Ungherese Ervel was also a protagonist at the Salone Internazionale del mobile in Milan where, in the 2018 edition, it was chosen as the floor for Angelo Cappellini & C. stand, contributing to the creation of a refined and welcoming touch.

Wood in the show room

Beyond national boundaries, people dares to put the wooden floor in the bathroom. It happened at Onepercent Bathrooms showroom in Malta, where  Oximoro Opera Ungherese Liszt was chosen to set up one of the exhibition halls of the store.

The home flooring

The place that most of all expresses our sense of welcome and familiarity, the ideal place to use the parquet, is the house. Here you can meet endless varieties of styles, expressions of each of us.
Two examples, in the first one a modern-industrial version in Rimini created by Ricci Home Design for this house with a Oximoro Opera 19 Elektra; in the second the style that plays between classic and vintage is expressed in a private house of Malgrate (LC) through the installation of a herringbone pattern with Oximoro Essentia Spina Terra.


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