Not just floors but furnishing solutions for Onepercent showrooms in Malta

It's really true: birds of a feather flock together.
Because Skema is like Malta, a small reality with an international flavor, where different styles come together to give life to a unique and distinct soul. The three Maltese showrooms of Onepercent are proof of this, where the floors are all signed by Skema.

Malta owes its charm to its geographical position, which gives it a mild climate all the year round and, above all, different people mingling together creating a rich culture. In its cities there is an international air, not only for the many tourists and for the English schools that attract students from all over the world, but for its own history, a fixed point in the sea where the Mediterranean culture meets the Anglo-Saxon one.

A crossroads that can also be seen in the interior design and that Onepercent stores represent in an emblematic way. Onepercent is a reality specialized in the supply of furniture and furnishing solutions and in the offer of architectural, contract and lighting projects, studying with the customer every detail from the initial design.

For its three showrooms Onepercent chose Skema floors and, given the results obtained in its exhibition spaces, chose our company also as a trusted partner to be introduced to its customers for their furnishing solutions.

Poliform showroom

The first of Onepercent showrooms is dedicated to Poliform furniture.
To accompany the fittings of the prestigious brand of kitchens and furniture, all the spaces of the room have been covered with the laminate of the Living line, Prestige Gold in the decor Black Canyon. A choice with dark and warm tones that gives timeless elegance and refinement.

Pianca showroom

The reconstructions of Pianca brand living and night areas stand out for the sixties style of furnishings and colors. Clean lines are imposed, the colors are often tone on tone with the exception of single elements of pure color, dynamism is instead the prerogative of geometric shapes. And to highlight this concept, laminate floor Make Up Rovere Zephir was chosen  for the whole showroom. Here, too, the color is an intense and warm brown, the slender format of the planks increases the perception of space and creates rhythm.

Bathrooms Showroom

While for the first two exhibition spaces the choice fell on continuous surfaces, so as to respect the single-brand mood of each room, the logic for the showroom dedicated to bathroom furniture was to opt for more solutions. The Skema products laid are 4 and very different from each other: from the Prestige L laminate floor with finish Dakota Oak, to Oximoro wood flooring Opera Ungherese Liszt, up to two engineered wood *Lindura floorings: Black Way and Natural.
The choice to differentiate floors allows you to create different contexts of different styles within the same space, in this way the customer can walk from one environment to another finding the atmosphere that suits them.

* ATTENTION: from 2019 Lindura and Nadura change their names to Lumbertech and Evertech respectively. 

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