Franco Driusso and the artistic direction of Skema

This last month of the year for Skema is harbinger of important news.

A new strategic partnership is born with the well-known interior designer Franco Driusso, who since December has taken over the artistic direction of some key aspects within our company. To tell you about the dynamics that led Skema to launch this ambitious project, we interviewed the architect Franco Driusso and with him we reconstructed the path and the reasons that gave rise to the partnership.

Let's start from the beginning, how did the collaboration with Skema start?

I knew the company for many years, I've always considered Skema a partner to whom I can ask for specific solutions for the realization of my projects. Together more than once we have carried on the research of the material and the color that perfectly fit the mood conceived, all this has been possible thanks to the realization of custom products.
We can say that our collaboration is born from the concept of mood, Skema in fact carries on my same furnishing philosophy that looks at the whole, that thinks of the single element always as part of a choral design of the environments.

We can say that this partnership brings together two worlds, both belonging to interior design, but sometimes speaking different languages.

Can the purpose of this collaboration be identified in the desire to bring Skema closer to the world of architecture and design?

The aim of my speech is certainly to create a solid and lasting bridge between the company and the world of interior design. But our mission is to strengthen Skema's identity, already present on the surface market with distinctive solutions, through a path that enhances the brand and makes it recognizable from the first glance around the world. We are already working on solutions with a strong identity imprint, which go beyond the traditional communication paradigms of the sector and focus on Skema's mission: being a producer of technological surfaces attentive to the emotional mood of reference, where the Italian taste is strongly perceived.

The concept of mood is back strong, trait d'union between the parties and key word. In which areas could we see it expressed within this project?

The mood remains the protagonist of our work and our efforts are concentrated on bringing it into a concrete dimension. This means that the mood will be translated into new collections that focus on chrome and that we want them to become true icons of the Skema brand.
The mood will itself be a means of communication, it will convey its tools and it will influence the very image with which Skema presents itself in the reference market.
It will be a new way of communicating, which will make Skema corners much more dynamic, modular, extremely striking and attractive. What we want to do is change the idea that people have of the market of surfaces, to be able to take them into a new dimension where, thanks to the concept of mood, we can give much more than a vague image of the project, we want to get them to 360 ° in an idea that takes form.
The experience of the product will also be created in some of the rooms of the Skema headquarters, where we want the visit to the company, whether commercial or technical, to be transformed into a narrative experience of quality.

Franco Driusso Architect / Bio

Complex Simplicity is the stylistic feature that distinguishes the creative process of the multifaceted designer.

Graduated in Architecture in Venice with a technological specialization, he then obtained a master's degree in Industrial Design at the University Institute of Architecture in Venice.

Co-founder of DriussoAssociati | Architects based in Mestre Venice, he works internationally in the fields of Brand Design, Architecture, Industrial Design, Retail Design and Interiors. There are numerous collaborations with important companies and industrial groups for which, in addition to the Art Direction for image coordination, it designs products, showrooms, shops and new operating sites.

The design approach is particularly attentive to formal research, technological innovation and experimentation with materials. The development of detail and the sensitivity in the use of light and material as a fundamental component of the project are the key elements of the creative process. He has always been passionate about photography, but he is still part of his profession. He has designed showrooms for various companies in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Holland, France, Germany, Greece, England, Mexico, United States, Canada, United Arab Emirates.

He has received numerous international awards in the field of Design and Architecture, including the prestigious Good Design Award from the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design, the Interior Innovation Award and the Design Preis Deutschland Award from the German Design Council.

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