A Lindura into the forest

Now it's clear to us: Lindura is a real heartbreaker. The real structured wood flooring, strengthened in the impact resistance by the Wood Powder, has once again won the sympathy and admiration of those who have chosen it for their living spaces.

We are in the province of Varese, near Cardano al Campo, immersed in the woods of the Valle del Ticino Natural Park, where an apartment needs a renovation.

Its owners rely on consulting the company Biocasa Pasqualetti, specialized in offering furnishing solutions aimed at improving the energy efficiency of the environments.

The renovation project of the apartment involved many aspects, in addition to new windows, a new stove and new awnings, even the floor needed a makeover.

It is here that  Lindura Natural comes into play, the wood composite of Skema, appreciated since the first meeting in the showroom of Biocasa Pasqualetti, beloved, once the large natural oak tables have been laid on the old floor. After all, Lindura recalls bucolic and rustic atmospheres to the sight and at touch, it is ideal to bring a touch of authentic nature in the spaces.
The ability to fit so well in the context, has meant that the project of renewal of the surfaces was expanded: from a first portion of the house, we moved to the installation of Lindura Natural on the entire floor, the effect obtained is harmonious and creates a relationship of continuity between the interior spaces and the view on the woods that surround the house.

Lindura Natural when there is technology but you can't see it

When people meet Lindura more and more often they fall in love with it.

The reasons are many, but the most significant is Lindura's ability to combine the timeless appeal of natural wood with the resistance that only technology can achieve.
The wood powder, the additivated wood fiber already colored and still soft, penetrates into the natural wood plank and solidifying, without the use of glues or adhesives, it becomes a unique body with wood, making it much more resistant to wear than a common parquet.
The secret of Lindura's success is in its invisible soul, which makes it the most innovative alternative to the classic wooden floor. This is the real reason why people choose more and more often Lindura.

In this realization was chosen Lindura Natural with oli finishing, one of the most natural models, as the name itself says, where the colors of oak are left almost intact and its beauty enhanced by the large size of the plank, 2600x 320x11 mm. As all the decors of the line, it can be installed with dry installation by interlocking TLS-Plus and it is suitable for installation even with underfloor heating.

Lindura Natural is one of the most popular choices, actually it is often the protagonsit of our gallery and our case history.

Read in our news section all the other realizations made with Lindura Natural and discover all the decors of Lindura line, with oil or varnish finishing.

* ATTENTION: from 2019 Lindura and Nadura change their names to Lumbertech and Evertech respectively. 

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