7 pools to dive in the summer mood of August | Skema

The pool is summer at first sight.

To enter 100% in the typical mood of August, we have created a gallery with the most beautiful images sent to date by people who have chosen a Marina Classic Skema decking.
Small or large, hidden from view or protagonists of breathtaking views. The pools with the touch Outside Skema are a bit 'of all types and a little' everywhere: on the roofs of city buildings, in the countryside, the sea and mountains.
All lead us to imagine moments of great relaxation and regenerating baths.

The poolside

In each one a Outside solution has been installed on the poolside. This element is a fundamental part of the project, in addition to an aesthetic value that considers the architectural and environmental context, it must also respond to a precise function linked to practicality and safety.
The 3 Outside Skema solutions – Marina Classic, Compact and the new Marina Real 

are designed to have features that emphasize the practicality in installation and maintenance over time, the safety that they give to the pool edge that before anything must be non-slip and finally, do not neglect of course even the aesthetic factor, proposing colors and finishes that they marry very well with the various locations.

Here we see in action one of the three Skema solutions, the Marina Classic, much loved for its versatility.

Casale Lucrezia overlooking Lake Garda

In Salò with a panoramic view of Lake Garda, a holiday home has decorated its poolside with a Marina Pietra Lavica, installed on two sides, creating at the same time an area of non-slip access to the pool and a play between different materials that recalls the rural context.

Penthouse with hydromassage pool

A Marina Classic Terra di Siena used to create in a limited space a relaxing corner where to enjoy the summer days at home.

Marina Classic on the hills

The Sienna is very popular and here we can see how it fits perfectly in different contexts, if before we were among the roofs of the city, here we are in a residence overlooking the lake in the Verbanese.

The Roccamare resort

Swimming pools in private homes but also pools in tourist areas, such as the resort in Castiglione della Pescaia in the province of Grosseto that has chosen an Anthracite Marina Classic to create an easy access to the pool and an adjacent terrace from which to sunbathe.

Private pool in Switzerland with Outside Marina Classic Anthracite

From the sea to the Swiss mountains, here too we can see the versatility of the wpc decking, in this case laid along the edge of the pool, where the dark tonality emphasizes the modern appearance of the overall structure.

Residence at the lake

Often the lakeside resorts choose to install a swimming pool that integrates the services offered to guests and that allows it to take a relaxing bath without going into the sometimes very cold waters of the lakes. For a truly charming effect, the decking in wpc Marina Classic Cement is recognized as a practical and beautiful choice.

Lido di Melide with Outside Marina Classic Cement

A play area that seems to be one with the lake on which it overlooks and where even the little ones can enjoy the typical summer pastimes, entering and exiting the pool with a slide, without the water ruining the garden around, thanks also to the decking in wpc Marina Classic.


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