Whenever There’s a Challenge Skema Is Ready: CMP’s Store


For one of Veneto's most important and prestigious brands, such as Fratelli Campagnolo, being on the market for half a century is no accidental feat. A constant and conscious effort is necessary to evolve, producing high-quality products for sure, but also knowing how to intercept customer's taste.

And that's exactly the reason of the recent opening in Verona of the first single brand store by CMP Fratelli Campagnolo, one of their most recent brands, specialised in sportswear. “With this store,” explains retail manager Francesco Navach, “we intend to establish a more direct contact with our customers, and understand their tastes first-hand.”

And to understand your customers' taste, what better way than selling them directly?

To execute this strategy with the best prerogatives, Fratelli Campagnolo didn't choose just any area in Verona, but the inner city, in via della Scala. And for the floor cover, not just any material, but Skema's K-uno XL Rovere Florida. A young and clean product, designed to make the colours of their collections stand out, and also suitable to be installed on a preexisting floor.

To create the store's concept, the company contracted architect Carlo Saccardo (studio Brombini-Saccardo) in Vicenza, who could enjoy the freedom of expression that only a single-branded store can offer.  


Skema designs high-quality products for the “vital sphere” of interior spaces, both public and private. CMP Fratelli Campagnolo on the other hand, is a brand geared towards outdoor vitality. Two different and complementary aspects, but with a common philosophy, made of passion for research and for products.

Another efficient collaboration between Skema and an important national brand. 

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