The Discovery Day...After!

And so, after many weeks of work, the Discovery Day has arrived.

It is hard to explain how we feel right now. On the one hand we are satisfied to have seen a crowded Academy Room, talked to our guests and shared with them new visions and new tools. On the other hand we feel relieved to have passed the intense period before the event but also nostalgic in having, indeed, accomplished all this.


It's been exciting to host our partners and distributors in our renewed headquarters and show them who we are, not just what we do, what are our ideas about floorings and surfaces and what are the values in which we believe. In other words, we told them our identity.

We did that from the first moment, welcoming them with a coffee in a picnic area (with a real grass pitch) set up inside the warehouse: the most authentic place, where service is everything.

We then led them to visit the 4 main Skema spaces: the Atelier, the Shop In Shop, L'Officina Design and the Academy Room. These are spaces with different structures and purposes that represent the values behind the philosophy of the Discovery Day: reveal, show, change.

The Atelier is the meeting place where we talked with guest about materials, surfaces and projects in a broad way, without going into technicalities. It's a place where they discovered the renewed Living range and approached to the idea of Mood Feeling. This is the concept of "Piazza Skema".

In the Shop In Shop area we unveiled the space where the products are the protagonists of all commercial activities and in which the importance of display systems becomes clear.

The Officina Design was the frame in which we explained where products are produced and how combinations of materials and colors take place, but it's also where our guests touched with their hands the genesis of innovation.

And last, but not least, the Academy Room.

Academy means training: online, through the official Youtube channel of Skema, and offline, in the room where yesterday we listened to the speeches of   Mr. Domenico Barabas, CEO of Skema, Mr. Raffaele Ferrara, Marketing Manager, and our host Arch. Gianluca Cislaghi, specialist in concept and vision. These speeches weren't Lectiones Magistrales meant to teach something, but a sort of calls for rethinking and revising the common ideas about the market of floorings and surfaces.

Mr. Barabas introduced us the importance of the Discovery Day for Skema, as the day on which the "industrial revolution" of Skema was completed. This revolution is based on the conciousness that the world has changed and so did the lifestyles and the market. For this reason it has become necessary to give new answers and highlight some values once considered secondary: the respect for the environment, the brand communication, but also the relevance of the participation of the distribution network to this revolution.

Raffaele Ferrara took us inside the theme of Identity, discovering the corporate values and prompting participants to consider the fact that discoveries change people's lives more than inventions do.

He also underlined the need to understand the desire of customers to live a shopping experience, rather than simply carry out a purchase, and the consequent need to learn how to present the products starting from the emotions.

Finally the Arch. Cislaghi gave us a clear and professional view on the difference between a natural material and a replicant one, again pointing out how identity is the starting point for any project: the choice of the flooring, in wood or laminate, is a natural consequence.

The Discovery Day has been a day full of interpersonal, intellectual, technical and sensorial hints that we gave to our guest in a free way. Every participant can draw his/her own conclusions, can adopt what he/she feels more useful and follow those suggestions he/she believes most suitable for him/her. We simply did what we had to do: kick off a process of transformation that each of our partners can continue in a personal way.

Because "the only way to remain ourselves is to change ourselves.



You can read the the issue of Skema Magazine dedicated to the Discovery Day here (Italian).




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